This Week in Feminist History

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On October 31 in 1860… Read full post

Friday Open Thread

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We made it to Friday, beloveds!

Who’s got Halloween costumes or plans? I’m dressing as punk rock Louise at work on Monday. I’ll have photos for next Friday’s OT since I neglected to get photos at the costume’s premiere last weekend. If you have photos of your costume for this year, post them here or next week!

Thursday Link Dump

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Fareeha, a Muslim teenager from India, literally fights for her independence to compete in a martial arts championship. Read full post

Mid-week check-in

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This is the weekly post for those of us who are traversing together this hellscape called Personal Growth. Brag about this week’s accomplishments, ask for support, talk about what worked, what didn’t. Tell us how things are going for you.

The Turnip is Dead, Long Live the Turnip

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Author’s Note: The Turnip Sacrifice was scheduled for this past weekend, but it didn’t happen until Monday night due to rain, wind, and snow. All requests made, up to and including those made at the last minute on Monday night, were included.

And so it began, the solemn ritual sacrifice of the root vegetable… Read full post

Tuesday Tumblr Collection

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Today’s collection is Tuesday, October 25: Skulls.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.

This Week in Feminist History

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On October 24th in 1901… Read full post