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Fareeha, a Muslim teenager from India, literally fights for her independence to compete in a martial arts championship.

In honor of the upcoming holiday: Rolling Stone Magazine’s opinion about the 50 best horror films of the century so far. A Tumblr post list of horror movie recs. The New Yorker’s story about a creepy photos Twitter account. A guide to the ossuaries of the world.

You need less shame around the idea that you’re not doing your best.” Also we need to realize/remember that best isn’t just different for everyone–our best changes from day to day, and some days (most days) we might not have the resources to be the best we were last year, last week, or even yesterday. And sometimes our best isn’t good enough and we need to be okay with that. Not in a defeatist way, but in a way that allows us to learn, and apply those lessons next time.

Laurie Penny discusses the fear of a feminist future. This whole article is so good, y’all.

The most terrifying prospect of all is what happens when women work collectively. The idea of women organizing, sharing information and resources, and coming together to change the world—rather than competing for male attention as is right and natural—is terrifying enough when it’s a few pink-haired weirdoes on the internet. The thought of what they might do with real political power sends shudders through the locker room. This, incidentally, is how we got to the point where a bloviating man-child with distressing hair and an entitlement complex bigger than his unpaid tax bill, a man whose main political strategy is to stand at a podium screaming about Muslims and Mexican rapists, is still, to millions of Americans, a more conceivable president than his only normally monstrous opponent who happens to be female. A world with women in charge, a world where women stand together and for each other in any respect, is not just inconceivable—to conceive of it is an active identity threat for those whose sense of self has always needed a story with men on top.

Odes to FLOTUS in the New York Times Magazine.

When your first language doesn’t have a word for you.

Being a trans person in the Arab world is a bit of an anachronism. It starts with a paradox, and ends with negation. The words “جنسي متحوِّل”, in Arabic, literally mean “the one who changes his sex.” Outside the dictionary, unknown to the public, this expression, anatomical and, dare I say, implying all the condemnatory social and religious baggage about changing one’s “natural” morphology, is meaningless. In queer and medical circles, the word “ترانس” –a literal translation of the English “trans” – is used. Once uttered outside these circles, this Anglicism, too, signifies absolutely nothing. And that’s what being trans in the Arab world means. It means crossing the boundary of the intelligible, stepping outside the domain of the definable, standing on the verge of linguistic nothingness, perched and fearing that, today or tomorrow, we might turn into dust.

Women and suffering in silence. A story about silently enduring illness until it’s time for reality. And tacos.

I have no time for articles that carry the message “look what a great artist Kesha can be! she has such a pretty voice! why was she hiding behind that overproduced crap?” and thankfully this article doesn’t do that (too much).

Ducks are terrible creatures, IMO, but perhaps #notallducks. In any case, that is a charming photo.

I am fucking here for the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg food show.

32 Responses to “Thursday Link Dump”

  1. RoseCamelia says:

    Fareeha! Not even grown yet and already a leader. I'm adding her to my list of personal heroes.

    And another home run by Laurie Penny. Let's continue terrifying the patriarchy, friends.

    Daniel the therapy duck is a great story. He's not at all like any of the ducks you've encountered, Manka. His breed is not native to our continent. It's OK to find him charming and hold other ducks in disregard.

    • CleverManka says:

      I am so concerned for Fareeha, tbh. I want her to be able to pursue her dreams and I really hope her father continues to support her in that.

      I agree, Daniel seems to be a Very Special Duck.

  2. Onymous says:

    As previously established I am strongly pro duck and am delighted by Daniel.

  3. Onymous says:

    Also strongly pro Ke$ha. According to some BuzzFeed esque listicle she spent like 3 months using beer to apply her body glitter before she realized they made actual products for that.

  4. damngoodcoffee says:

    Re: The HuffPost article- it basically boils down to the serenity prayer, for me, but IDK. I feel like I'm in continuous slow vacillation between 'I need to back off right now' and 'OMG I can do stuff!' And I never feel like I have quite a handle on it either way.

    Also, I've seen 19 of those movies on the Rolling Stone list, and I'm pretty alright with that. But the fact that Pontypool was not on there was just unacceptable.

    • CleverManka says:

      I feel like I'm in continuous slow vacillation between 'I need to back off right now' and 'OMG I can do stuff!' And I never feel like I have quite a handle on it either way.
      <img src=""&gt;

    • Fancy_Pants says:

      I'm in continuous slow vacillation between 'I need to back off right now' and 'OMG I can do stuff!'

      Oh my good gracious I'm starting to realize that it's not just me. I thought it was just me. Is everyone out in the world just like constantly freaking out all the time while seeming to have things under control?

    • littleinfinity says:

      That article was so well timed for me. Last night I realized that one of the brain spirals I go through is something like: "I'm being too lazy. I need to do more things. But I have no motivation to do more things. And I am already doing so many things. But actually the things I am doing don't matter and they are not enough things. …I'm being too lazy." (repeat ad nauseam)

      • damngoodcoffee says:

        Exactly! I'm actually way busier than I've probably been at most points of my life, but when I'm not being what I consider 'productive' I feel sooooo lazy. Like how dare I sit in front of my TV for a few hours once in a while? I think it's that, the more we get in the mode of being 'busy,' the less able we are to switch into other modes. For me that makes it hard for me to relax, but also to concentrate deeply for long periods of time.

    • Onymous says:

      Pontypool was so good. Just a small well executed movie built around a good idea.

      • damngoodcoffee says:

        Right? And I'm a sucker for anything set in Canada, or any horror movie in some kind of snowy isolation (I've seen The Shining many times for pretty much solely that reason).

  5. littleinfinity says:

    That Laurie Penny article. GAHHHH SO GOOD. I loved this point: "What is missing from these eyewatering misogynist prophecies is just as interesting as their substance. Significantly, while most posit a world in which women take terrible socio-sexual revenge for centuries of male violence and structural oppression, not one of them denies that that violence and oppression actually happened." Of COURSE men who see themselves as currently being on top are terrified. It's the same terror that grips any overlord when they hear rumbles of a mutiny within the ranks. They are afraid that what they have done will be done to them.

  6. Heathered says:

    As an unstable fatty, I look forward to being cooked in a Crock Pot to feed manly men in the coming brotopia.

  7. SimperLegens says:

    Y'all, I think Kesha just explained why the last few years have felt so shitty to me, despite being objectively fine to good:

    "A Saturn return, she explained to me, happens to people between the ages of 27 and 31. “It’s when [expletive] gets really real and really hard, and you have to face life as an adult,” she said."


  8. Redheadfae says:

    Ahhh… so that explains the two most unlikely felons being on Ellen this past week.

  9. sherwood21 says:

    I CANNOT WAIT for the Snoop Dogg/Martha Stewart cooking show.

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