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The Establishment’s 2016 Feminist Killjoy Gift Guide.

Are you a witch or aren’t you? The importance of (re)watching Howl’s Moving Castle in these hard times.

Articles like this one give me the only hope I have for humanity. Defend Millennials!

Status is about power over others. Prestige is a title. Financial security is an entitlement. Boomers want external rewards that justify their decision to buy into a bankrupt system.

Millennials see this broken system for what it is. They see how miserable their Baby Boomers parents are, working jobs that don’t matter, for companies they hate. They see how meaningless their lives are, and how they try to use the markers of status and prestige to pretend otherwise.

Millennials have straight up rejected this system. They won’t give their lives away just to “win” an unwinnable race.

Māori women talk about getting (and having) their sacred chin tattoos.

An Ode to Difficult Women Everywhere because women are better at everything.

Support lesbian-made chocolate by buying from Sappho Chocolates, based out of South Daytona, Florida. They have nerdy/fandom-themed chocolates, y’all.

You might have already seen this, but just to be sure: “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.” Here’s the article about it in the New York Times.

There was some internal debate over whether the document should have a proactive agenda, or, like the Tea Party, focus on “just saying no” a lot. “We had to accept the hard truth that Republicans have unified control of the federal government and will be setting the agenda,” Levin said. “So when we’re thinking about what strategy local activists should take when they’re talking to their own members of Congress, they’re going to have the greatest impact if they’re being extraordinarily responsive to the agenda that those Republican members of Congress are setting.” There was also a lot of discussion about the guide’s name. “I don’t think anybody is wed to it,” Levin said. “There were a lot of policy wonks involved, not branding people, and that shows. I’ve misspelled the word ‘indivisible’ several times.”

How the tech sector could move in One Direction” by Sacha Judd. As it was pitched on The Rec Center: It’s an interesting perspective from a tech person who became immersed in 1D fandom and discovered the breadth of creativity in fan communities, and then began to ask why young women were so overlooked in the tech sector, when they’re doing so much “underground” work on things like video editing, tumblr themes, coding fanfic websites, and so on. You can watch the talk or read the transcript with accompanying slides. Either way, it’s an amazing example of how girls are amazing as fuck. Prepare to be all DEFEND TEENAGE GIRLS by the end.

The benefits of group singing. There’s a reason even a hard-core atheist like me gets good feels from attending kirtans. I would like some footnotes for this article, though. Links to actual studies or journal articles would be really nice. Sigh, hippies.

Zadie Smith “On Optimism and Despair,” and receiving the 2016 Welt Literature Prize.

I believe in human limitation, not out of any sense of fatalism but out of a learned caution, gleaned from both recent and distant history. We will never be perfect: that is our limitation. But we can have, and have had, moments in which we can take genuine pride. I took pride in my neighborhood, in my childhood, back in 1999. It was not perfect but it was filled with possibility. If the clouds have rolled in over my fiction it is not because what was perfect has been proved empty but because what was becoming possible—and is still experienced as possible by millions—is now denied as if it never did and never could exist.

The Burgomaster (an optimist by nature) is having a tough time dealing with his realization that people are terrible. If you have having similar troubles, check out: this two-year-old but still relevant LJ post.

I recently signed up for The Do Better Dispatch, thanks to a recommendation from one of you. I so much love that people send me suggestions not just for the Link Dump, but often with a “this seems like something you’d like” note. I hate using the phrase “I feel blessed,” but…really, you all are just the greatest.

15 Responses to “Thursday Link Dump”

  1. vladazhael says:

    The Burgomaster (an optimist by nature) is having a tough time dealing with his realization that people are terrible. If you have having similar troubles, check out: this two-year-old but still relevant LJ post.

    I AM, and thank you. I guess it's not for me so much the realization that people are terrible, but that the REALLY terrible ones aren't as irrelevant as I thought, and a lot of the slightly-less-terrible ones are more okay with that than I thought. And all that while I'm already having to burn a lot of energy on personal repairs, which is just shit timing and makes both things harder. I was telling the ex today that if I still had the stability of our relationship, I'd probably be an insufferable activist by now. 😉

    • CleverManka says:

      I hope you find something in the post that helps!

      I've known since childhood that humanity was terrible and I have had no belief in the long-term survival of our species since I was, like, eleven. So I have no resources for giving my dude any emotional/psychological support and I don't have the spoons (or interest) in researching and digging deeper into my own resources to provide that.

      Many thanks to Doc Paradise for sending me that link when I mentioned the issue on their LJ. Glad it could help out someone else, too.
      <img src=""&gt;

  2. RoseCamelia says:

    I agree with everything in the article on group singing. Thanks, Manka, for posting the link. But I assert that almost everything in the article is equally true for playing other wind instruments in a group. Breathing together is deeply therapeutic. The only exception is that wind instruments other than voice have a higher time investment required before the performer will enjoy the sound quality. Of course, true vocal musicianship requires much time, study, and sweat. But yes, anyone can enjoy singing the moment they try.

  3. Merripat says:

    What a great Link Dump! I wish it weren't so terribly irresponsible to order chocolate from the other end of the world.

    • CleverManka says:

      Thank you for letting me know you liked the collection this week! I always feel like I'm sloshing around in larger shoes, trying to replicate even the feel of Nicole's Link Roundup. It's so good to hear people liked the links I posted.

  4. LibLemon says:

    I'm so glad someone finally loves Howl's Moving Castle more than I do. And agrees that Howl is an inessential component to the film. Bad ass old ladies subduing fire demons forever.

  5. LaxMom says:

    I love the feminist killjoy links and the Howl's Moving Castle article.

  6. Rillquiet says:

    I'd forgotten about Fan Is a Tool-Using Animal, which is referenced in Judd's talk; it's interesting to hear about the community from an engineer's perspective (and it helps that Cjeglowski is an entertaining writer).

    • CleverManka says:

      AHHH! This is an amazing document, thank you! I love this particular history, and how it ties together the beginnings of slashfic with present day fandom. I've seen the story before, but never in such a great presentation. Thank you thank you thank you for this.

  7. sherwood21 says:

    I love everything in this link dump. <3

  8. Kazoogrrl says:

    Glad you liked the Dispatch!

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