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Today’s collection is Tuesday, January 24: Peacocks.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.


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  1. Heathered says:

    1. METAL PEACOCK! Whoa. And 2. Those little beebs practicing displaying! After a morning of political rage-terror, that was most welcome.

  2. RoseCamelia says:

    That last image! Paper? So creamy, invites delicate, reverent touch. Just trying to think of how many colors were required in the making . . . begins a lovely reverie along a leisurely path between imagined happy scenes. I needed that. Thank you.

  3. vladazhael says:

    The dresses! The babies! THE PEACAT!

    My favorite peacock stories:
    1. My parents used to live within shouting distance of the Detroit Zoo. Said shouting was being done by the free-roaming peacocks in the zoo. All. The. Time.
    2. My BFF teaches at a charter school that serves a high proportion of fairly conservative Muslim families, and accordingly, has gender-segregated classes and a lot of old-timey gender behavior (which we yell about together in a spirit of conflicting cultural relativism and feminist rage). She took a group of her female students to the Detroit Zoo one day, and they were amused by the peacocks making their big displays, and even more amused by the peahens giving not a single fuck about any of it.

  4. Absotively says:

    After much misdirected googling, I found the source of the notecards in the last image. Now I just need to become someone who uses notecards.

  5. sherwood21 says:


    I am in hysterics. It's actually kinda painful to laugh because of all the stitches. Worth it.

    Also, that metal peacock sculpture is STUNNING.

  6. Yarnybarny says:

    I loved the story about Goofus the Death Of The Universe And End Of All Things the Peacock. Usually I just come for the imagery but this was worth the read.

  7. flitworth says:

    I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant peacocks so bad.

    There's an episode of Midsommer Murders that is largely set at an enormous country manor and in multiple scenes you can hear a peacock cry in the distance. I can't tell if it's better to think they had peacocks wandering the property or if some foley artist thought 'there's no way these people don't have peacocks, gotta fix that'.

    If you'd like to see Ruth Goodman & Friends cook a peacock pie, check out Tudor Feast.

    Or listen to the Planet Money team narrate cooking a peacock. The best part is where they ask the guy selling the bird if he ever feels bad about killing these beautiful creatures and his response is something like "Have you ever met a peacock?"

    Thank you for the lovely images, Manka!

    • Rillquiet says:

      There's also the wonderful recipe for making a peacock that may seem to be alive (for values of "be alive" equal to "breathe fire"): "Kill a Peacock, either by thrusting a Quill into his brain from above, or else cut his throat, as you do for young Kids, that the blood may come forth. Then cut his skin gently from his throat unto his tail, and being cut, pull it off with his feathers from his whole body to his head. Cut off that with the skin, and legs, and keep it. Roast the Peacock on a spit. His body being stuffed with spices and sweet Herbs, sticking first on his breast Cloves, and wrapping his neck in a white Linen cloth. Wet it always with water, that it may never dry. When the Peacock is roasted, and taken from the spit, put him into his own skin again, and that he may seem to stand upon his feet, you shall thrust small Iron wires, made on purpose, through his legs, and set fast on a board, that they may not be discerned, and through his body to his head and tail. Some put Camphire in his mouth, and when he is set upon the table, they cast in fire. Platina shows that the same may be done with Pheasants, Geese, Capons, and other birds. And we observe these things among our guests."


    • Onymous says:

      >>Have you ever met a peacock

      The thing is I've met a peacock and much like echidnas they sound like a baby crying. It takes some serious stone hearted resolve to routinely kill things that sound like infant humans.

  8. CleverManka says:

    I am so tickled that the collection is getting this much love!
    <img src="http://www.picgifs.com/reaction-gifs/reaction-gifs/pleased/pleased04.gif"&gt;

  9. Onymous says:

    So what I took away from this is that peacock feathers under a microscope look like peacock feathers not under a microscope.

  10. faintlymacabre says:

    I've commented before about my godmother's peacocks, but one of my favorite peacock moments were when my boyfriend and I were driving through a part of downtown, when very randomly, a peacock strutted across the road, fully confident we would stop. We of course did. Never figured out where it lived, but we ran across it several more times.

  11. dancingcorvid says:

    Peacocks are lovely and deranged and magical and all, but I need someone to help me scream and set David Brooks on fire ATM, and I'll come back to thank you notes later.

    actually I can talk about thank you notes now – I have some notecards I made using my older artwork, and I've been using them to send to my representatives. I mean, my senators are Elizabeth Warren (heart eyes emoji) and Ed Markey (perfectly respectable) so the least I can do is tell them "good work, carry on" using some pretty pictures.

    I'm getting postcards tomorrow to send to Paul Ryan's house (his actual home address, and postcards so they don't have to be opened and decontaminated) about ACA because his voicemail is full and I think he's stopped paying attention. Which cannot stand.

  12. dancingcorvid says:

    never mind, someone has at least started the process:

  13. redheadfae says:

    OMG, so much beauty!! The metalwork. And now I remember that I wanted to fix my back shoulder tattoo with a combination flying peacock and phoenix.

    Side thoughts: why does something I love always have to have some mystical Xian significance to it?
    Side plea for help: Is there a way to make tumblr stop taking back to the top of a feed when I reblog something from it? Is it just me?

    • RoseCamelia says:

      "why does something I love always have to have some mystical Xian significance to it?"

      Because Christianity is expert at appropriation. I try to remember to ask myself, Did this thing I love exist before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth? If so, I claim it as pure delight unsullied by church, e.g., winter solstice evergreens, doves, lambs, peacocks, etc.

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