Friday Open Thread

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This is your place for ignoring things that might be happening in parts of our world today. Other than The Big One that a lot of us would be stressing about if we were talking about it, what are you pretending doesn’t exist right now?

Thursday Link Dump

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Who is participating in J20 activities tomorrow?

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Mid-week check-in

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Actual footage of me lately

This is the weekly post for those of us who are traversing together this hellscape called Personal Growth. Brag about this week’s accomplishments, ask for support, talk about what worked, what didn’t. Tell us how things are going for you.

Rogue One discussion post

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“Rogue One is about waking up to the real political situation of your time and accepting you can’t sleepwalk into the future because there won’t be one.” Riz Ahmed

Tumblr meta to get started:
More than just a Star Wars movie.

Which scenes were reshot.

Thoughts on Bohdi Rook here.

Thoughts on Chirrut here, and an analysis of his costume.

Troubled Birds mashup (I love these and text posts so much).

Hello Tailor talks about Baze and Chirrut.

A cute comic with Cassian and Chirrut.

Poe vs Cassian analysis.

Jyn vs Rey analysis (warning for reylo on that blog)

“jyn erso became disillusioned and broken because she fought. she’s not apolitical because she had the privilege not to bother fighting, and her arc is in part about overcoming that and learning how to care again” Source post

One of that kind of Tumblr posts explaining the plot and characters.

My beloved Tessa’s thoughts.

That’s all I had time to find (why are things so overwhelming right now?), so I hope there’s enough to give people some things to think about if you don’t already have something to riff on in the comments!

ETA: Please, if you have fic recs, post those in the comments, too.



Tuesday Tumblr Collection

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Today’s collection is Tuesday, January 17: Black and White. This is not my best or most cohesive collection. I threw it together because of one particular post that I wanted to use while I could, so I included images from three different themes I was building.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.

Site downtime this week

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Just got notice that my host is upgrading servers:

Migration of your website to the new server will begin early this week. The process requires the server to be rebooted twice; once during the migration and again 48-72 hours after the migration is complete. Please expect 15-20 minutes of downtime sometime between 2pm and 10pm Mountain Time while the server reboots.

Sorry I don’t have a more specific window for when the site might be down.


Monday Open Thread

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There’s no history lesson today, so have an Open Thread!

This is the last MLK Day under our first black president and I’m having some tough feelings about that, as I’m sure a lot of us are. I didn’t want to not acknowledge the day. I thought about saying something about United We Serve and MLK Day of Service, but the idea of national service is not something I’m really feeling right now? So have the quote above, which I think is particularly relevant to this site’s theme.

I’ll be offline for most of the day, but will approve comments (although that might be sporadic).