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This is the weekly post for those of us who are traversing together this hellscape called Personal Growth. Brag about this week’s accomplishments, ask for support, talk about what worked, what didn’t. Tell us how things are going for you.

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  1. Merripat says:

    Hello! The semester is over and I promptly fell ill. Have a cold yet again 🙁
    Also the semester being over does not mean I have endless amounts of free time because I have to write a 20 page paper now. Fun! But I have an idea already and am just waiting to get well again to get going.

    I also started the flat hunting again because the lease in my sublet is nearly up. I have not been very successful yet – only three viewings so far and none was entirely convincing… I hope I find something soon.

    I hope you are all well!

    • FriendOfDaja says:

      Flat hunting solidarity! My landlord is selling our place (2nd wave gentrification), so I'm right there with you and sending good vibes. Also hoping you feel better soon, bc colds are the worst.

    • Xolandra says:

      House searches are the woooooorst,I am sending you all of the good vibes!

      Also, falling ill after term was, like, a ritual for me. It's like your fleshprison is like "well, I did the think, TIME TO LET DOWN OUR GUARD". Silly fleshprison.

    • CleverManka says:

      Is it actually a scientifically proven thing that when our bodies are finally allowed to rest, they immediately succumb to illness? It seems like someone oughta do a study on that if not because seriously. I hope you feel better soon and best of luck with the hunting!

      • Lynn says:

        One of my dance teachers used to call it "recital flu" because you could basically guarantee that in the week after a performance half the kids and teachers would get sick. I didn't get it so much after performances, but I have definitely been prone to it after big work events.

        • dancingcorvid says:

          oh yes, also the post-production blerg, because a solid half of the cast and crew for the show (at the high school, I have to assume this doesn't happen with more formal productions) are out on Monday and it takes me three days to feel bordering on human again.

      • Merripat says:

        Here is something from the BBC so you know it's legit: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150216-the-trut

        And thank you!

        • CleverManka says:

          Interesting! I wonder if there are some people who are just more predisposed to it (either physically or psychologically). The Burgomaster gets sick every damn time he takes more than a couple days off, and a friend of mine comes down with some respiratory bug (and usually a migraine) whenever she's off for more than three consecutive days.

    • Kazoogrrl says:

      I don't know if I have a cold coming on or the happening-a-month-earlier-than-it's-supposed-to spring has kickstarted my allergies. So, solidarity fist bump.

  2. FriendOfDaja says:

    I just want to say that Gentle Bob is one of my favorite tumblr memes ever. He popped up on my feed right after the election, and I hope he never goes away.

  3. Heathered says:

    Just a quick update because I started playing around with EFT/Tapping last week: IT'S WEIRD AND KIND OF HELPFUL. No specific pain relief but very good for reducing my focus on pain and also de-escalating anxiety. That doesn't get me any closer to my goals but it does help me get out of my own way, which is half the battle.

  4. Xolandra says:

    Friends, I am enjoying GentlemanX's absence a little _too_ much. Like, he emailed to be all "hurrah, home sooner" and I was like "noooooooo, my middle of the bed!" and he got cell reception in camp and now he's texting me all the time and I'm all "wtf, dude, I entertain you 24/7 while you are here, now i have to do it remotely now as well?!?" The bonus is that he is busy, so he's not, like, pawing at me. Yet.

    I read this this morning and i loved it a lot: https://catapult.co/stories/watching-white-kids.

    In professional news, my team lead informed me that she has plans for my career? I am feeling decidedly ambivalent about this, tbh.

  5. Xolandra says:

    O yes plus also I think y'all will appreciate this. #lifegoals right here.

    <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C45sY16VcAA09LM.jpg&quot; alt="She yelled" style="width:304px;height:666;">

  6. Kazoogrrl says:

    I thought of something to post last night and then promptly forgot it this morning. Erm, still going to zumba, because I like moving in synch with a group of people even if I feel a bit silly. And I'm going to try ordering some basic leggings and tanks from Royal Apparel clothing (made in the US, non-sweatshop) because I want to break my "cheap and easy" Target/Old Navy default shopping and these things are rarely good at the thrift store.

    Also, for some reason our Tumblr post for the podcast about participating in the Small Foods Party has been out most popular one yet. People are really interested in strangers cooking mini-Hannibal Lecter meals. I will post pictures next week's open thread of the wee creations.

  7. Lynn says:

    Well I got hit with an anxiety attack on Monday courtesy of workplace PTSD from the job I left four years ago, so that was fun. Basically there's stuff going on at current job that is similar to how a really bad situation developed at my old job — I have *absolutely no reason* to think current job will allow things to get to the point old job did but my boss has also been unavailable to chat for the last few work days so I've just been twisting myself in knots because I have worst-case scenario brain. Talking through it with my boyfriend helped me at least identify the source — which has helped calm the worst of the symptoms, but I really need to get to my boss, who is finally back in the office but has been in meetings literally since I arrived this morning.

    On the plus side, I'm going to do my first volunteering for a local reproductive rights group tonight. I am maybe overly hopeful that someone in the volunteer group will recognize my Toast tote.

  8. CleverManka says:

    I found out something about a faculty/grad student interaction that made me so angry my blood pressure went up and now I'm waiting on student approval for me to go to bat before I start wrapping the barbed wire around my Louisville Slugger.

    And we also got a message from the College Dean this morning that prompted me to write a response which I haven't sent yet (pending input from a few sympathetic faculty members) that could get me in serious trouble with my department chair so things are really fun up in Manka Land today!

  9. vladazhael says:

    I noticed yesterday that the apartment complex I emailed about posted something phenomenally well timed and well priced, so I did a Bravery and called about it. Turns out there were two people on the wait list and two apartments available (one ideally timed and one okay logistically but too soon for emotional comfort), plus one maybe coming up in between that would cost "a little more". I requested a call back either way and promptly went into Oh Shit It's Real anxiety mode. Something will work out regardless, but URGH. ADULTING.

    But I managed to calm down on *that* thanks to Xanax and the greater catastrophe of my dog possibly having a stroke. She's been having more accidents lately, and she had an incident this weekend where she started listing to one side and not walking well, but she shook it off within a minute and was 100% back to normal. Last night she did the same thing, but it lasted longer and clearly upset her. She's feeling better now but still wobbly, and I'm cutting out of work early so the ex and I can take her to the vet together. Apparently strokes are very rare in dogs and they often shake them off; inner ear issues are more likely and she's a breed that's prone to ear troubles (and does not like to let me clean her ears), but I'm still bracing myself for a variety of worst case scenarios. At least ex/roommate and I get along and have similar views in terms of pet care and can both contribute to whatever needs to be done, so that's not an issue. I just hope the poor pup will be okay. It won't surprise me if this is the beginning of a sharp decline, because she's been showing her age, but I hope not. She deserves a good long time of being pampered and healthy after what she went through to get to us.

    • meat_lord says:

      Your poor pup 🙁 I send her good vibes, and plenty to you as well for the apartment-hunting.

    • Kazoogrrl says:

      Pup-healing thoughts sent!

    • Xolandra says:

      Poor puppers, BE HEALTHY. ♥

    • Lynn says:

      Aww, hugs. When our cat got sick, boyfriend and I both were like "well at least he waited until the year after we moved." I don't envy you having to deal with both simultaneously.

      If it makes you feel better, both of the senior dogs I have lived with had an initial health crisis that made us think "oh, maybe this is it" and both turned out to have developed chronic conditions that were manageable with medication. They both lived happily for years afterwards before getting to the steep decline part.

      • vladazhael says:

        There's a solid chance this is the same sort of much ado about nothing (see above response), so here's hoping. If I can work on managing my mental health without having to watch a pet's physical health decline, um… yes, that, please.

    • RoseCamelia says:

      Oh poor doggy! My LittleGirlDog sends sympathy. She's been listing to port for 3 weeks now. But she's been improving ever so gradually on ear drops, which are a combination of:

      Polymyxin B Sulfate, Miconazole Nitrate, and Predisolone Acetate in otic suspension

      It took 2 weeks of twice daily drops before we were sure she was improving. Now we are sure she'll be done with the ear trouble at the 4 week mark. She almost never tips her head anymore.

      May it be so for your beloved dog. Rub under her chin for me.

      • vladazhael says:

        That is indeed what the vet suspects! They can't 100% rule out brain tumor or stroke, but it's much more likely an ear thing and they're treating it as such. She's doing much better today and is now on a regimen of Prednisone tablets and ear goo that just sits in there for a week (which is great, because she is bad at letting me give her ear drops). And the prognosis is the same regardless: do the meds, hope it doesn't happen again, and even if it does, don't worry about anything terrible unless it gets worse. Pup was NOT happy at the vet's office, but she never is, so her bad behavior is a sign that she's feeling like herself, so I am happy.

    • jenavira says:

      *healing thoughts for pupper*

    • Heathered says:

      Fist-to-paw bump to your dog with hopes she's well and chewing on something that looks like meat_lord's ID pic soon. And a big high five to you on the adulting! The right place will come through at the right time, but putting out those feelers will give you more options and control in the long run, so RIGHT ON to that.

  10. meat_lord says:

    Let's see… I'm transitioning to my new role at work much faster than expected. The only person at this branch who can train me is retiring at the end of this month. We also don't have anyone to fill my old role yet, so I am scrambling, folks.

    Since I live right next door to an Asian grocery store, I have resolved to try out some different recipes. I made a version of gyudon (but with pork instead of beef) last night that came out delish, and I have my eye on some more Japanese home style foods to try.

  11. Flitworth says:

    Should I contact Paul Ryan and explain why I haven't sent him any rude mail lately? I am still pondering the ROI on a billboard near his office that looks like a milk carton, a pic of him and "Have you seen my spine?"

    I largely feel like shit.

    • littleinfinity says:

      I love that idea for a billboard! ROI : infinite potential for interweb distribution.

      Sorry you feel like shit though. It's definitely going around these days :/

    • RoseCamelia says:

      I'm sorry you feel like shit. But it's to be expected, no? Meanwhile, ::Toasthugs:: Is there another way I/we can help?

      • Flitworth says:

        Thanks for the offer. I would appreciate links to anything fun/funny on the internet to read or watch. Right now we are just going thru stuff and waiting for paperwork. Nothing shuts a sales call down faster than yelling that your mom just died so don't call back.

        I have found three copies of the same Dixie Chicks album so far. We have found about 70 cheap rings from overstock or similar. The only real shock has been that, amongst dozens of terrible pop country albums, I found a copy of Queen's Greatest Hits. This fails to align with pretty much everything else.

        I have very little nice to say about religious people right now. There's basically a cabal of Catholics trying to control our adoption situation and my feeling is that this falls into:
        1. There is a God and now Tiny Human is with people who are demonstrably more capable of caring for TH than bio family so that is His will or;
        2. There is a God and clearly he gives no fucks because you people are still failing to meet basic standards of decency or he doesn't really care in general;
        3. Being religious has done nothing to make you better or more capable so why is it even in play?
        4. There is no God, fuck alla y'all. I have done more for my fellow man as an atheist.

        Speaking of which, check out Tim Minchin's Thank You God, if you like a good atheist tune.

        Anyways, I know there are good religious people etc.

        • RoseCamelia says:

          Oooo rings. No, I'm not drooling, *you're* drooling. And Queen. Proof that your mom had excellent taste.

          I'm solidly in your court on every one of your 4 points. I am also atheist and doing more good than when I was xian.

          For gentle, innocent humor, I like gocomics.com/frazz

          Don't forget about xkcd.com for geeky fun.

          Theoatmeal.com is always sharp.

          For blog humor, see if thebloggess.com is to your taste. She frequently describes her mental health struggles, so be warned.

          That's all I have for now. More ::Toasthugs::

    • CleverManka says:

      I am still pondering the ROI on a billboard near his office that looks like a milk carton, a pic of him and "Have you seen my spine?"
      <img src="http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/clevermanka/1047329/355641/355641_600.gif"&gt;

    • Fancy_Pants says:

      Sounds like something people would be willing to fund in a Kickstarter!

    • dancingcorvid says:

      Mr Ryan seems to have turned off his phones and voicemail and stopped reading r accepting the post, so you might have the only way to actually reach him in the form of a billboard. Or a meme.

      So sorry you feel like shit. I've been watching Leverage and Due South, alternating seasons, to cheer myself up, should that work for you. If you like webcomics, you might like Shaenon Garrity's two main ones – Narbonic is finished, and Skin Horse is still going. Narbonic is goofy mad science, and makes me happy every single time I go over it.

  12. Onymous says:

    So my geophysics class is a little weird this semester, the teacher decided to try something new, which means we're lecturing ourselves. My turn is next week so I met with her this morning to make sure I was pointed in the right direction/there weren't any gaping holes in my outline.

    At one point she said "It'd be great if you can communicate some of that enthusiasm in the lecture". She thought I was enthusiastic about the material…

    I became a geologist because a decade ago I saw a 30 second clip of pillow lava forming underwater and I became a seismologist because the seismology graphs at friday colloquiums reminded me of physics graphs. Which I kind of worked into the conversation casually after being accused of enthusiasm but she's really really smart so I think she might of assumed I was being self-effacingly casual and extrapolated a lot more from that than was there.

    But that's literally 90% of my motivation. I mean it was not the time and the place to explain this sort of thing but even if I was capable of enthusiasm I don't really think this is it.

    • CleverManka says:

      If she sees enthusiasm, don't second guess her! Just run with it!

    • Absotively says:

      I saw a short clip of pillow lava forming last week, but have no plans to become a geologist, so plainly you have more enthusiasm for geophysics than me!

    • dancingcorvid says:

      I chose geology because of continental drift, which was brand spandy new when I was finishing hs and still being argued by some old farts wheile I was in college – it was heady. But the sedimentary processes are still what speak to me most. Rivers and beaches.

      Manka is completely correct, if your teacher sees enthusiasm, you're fine. No need to grin harder, frex, or leap on chairs….

  13. pseudonymica says:

    My doctor adjusted my medication and IT'S AMAZING. I worry this might just be a temporary high because one is an abusable drug (ritalin), but I'm being cautious with the dosage and maybe I just forgot what it's like to feel normal. I got my brain injury in the midst of final dissertation panic, and I'm beginning to realize I've been living that lifestyle permanently, like throwing on the closest, least dirty clothes and only brushing my hair if I'm going outside and it's outrageously messy.

    This week I've been getting dressed up every day, which is something I love. I thought that feeling was out of my reach because I gained 20-30 pounds while writing my dissertation and another 40-50 since my injury, so most of my clothes don't fit and I don't recognize my body enough to know how to appreciate it. Having the energy and inspiration to get dressed up has been exhilarating. Plus, I'm getting getting some cleaning done, and sewing. It's been nice.

  14. jenavira says:

    (I wish I could say I'm late because I've been busy at work all day, but nope, I'm just forgetful.)

    Skin infection: still infected, but I got the bill for the doctor visit, and…ouch. So rather than schedule another appointment, I am taking advantage of the fact that my dr's office is all technologically enabled and sent them a message about it instead. Hopefully I can get through this without another appointment or another antibiotic prescription. (Probably too much to hope for, but still.)

    I am seriously freaked out by the fact that it's been in the high 60s for nearly a week now. I'm in northern Illinois! It's February! This is not okay! On the other hand, this has allowed me to start walking again, which I wasn't expecting for another month. Getting regular exercise really does so much for my mood and general happiness.

    • dancingcorvid says:

      I'm with you on the temperature freakout – New England should NOT be in the 60s in Feb, it is wrong wrong wrong and do not know what to do.

  15. Flitworth says:

    Oh! So my husband said we needed to watch Taboo and I read that it would be appreciated if you liked Hannibal, for those of you who do. I am a huge fan of Scroobius Pip and he is in it.
    His first hitThou Shalt Always Kill was great. And I am very partial to The Beat That My Heart Skipped.

  16. dancingcorvid says:

    I was taking a wrist brace to the younger A,over the river and past the mall, when my phone went from a phone to not-a-phone – it lost all the signal, and halted and would do nothing. So after a happy half hour with the child bad-mouthing economics (they are terrified of actual math! This is hilarious!) I came home past the phone store. There two charming young men tried a series of escalating processes (cycle the power, replace the SIM card, erase and reboot) that culminated in a new phone. Which is partly fun -woo! new toy! and partly deeply annoying because the old one was too ded-ded-ded to yield music, apps etc. and I am trying to reconstruct my old environment with minimal success.

    I'm sleeping badly, reading smutty romance (hello Courtney Milan) too late at night, and having whackadoo dreams composed of romance, all the SFF I've been reading lately, and Slings and Arrows (how not to do Shakespeare) so the most recent were about an effort to conquer the moon and establish a moon base and there were dirigibles, but it was in fact a PLAY about it, and the stage manager was having a breakdown and the director was screaming and lights were falling out of the ceiling and… waking up can be such a relief.

    I'm accomplishing new work. I only hate parts of it. That feels like progress.

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