Happy International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day poster from the AOUON Archive at the Oakland Museum of California

I first encountered Siderea on LiveJournal via Doc Paradise. She moved over to DreamWidth earlier this year, but is still posting fantastic content. Today’s post is especially relevant to this audience, I think.

…My fellow women – and, really, anybody else who concurs – I invite you to walk away for a day from any online platform that doesn’t give you complete authority to moderate your own space.

For one day, decline to pay the price exacted by so many social networks of women who would speak in public, the price of having to leave yourself needlessly vulnerable to abuse and harassment.

For one day, do not enrich either the coffers of those who traffic your content for ad impressions nor edify the discourses that would benefit by your insights and expertise. Not even the private ones behind digital seraglio walls. Let the trolls talk to one another, let the secret places ring with silence.

For one day, treat speaking up in public not as something you get to do, but something you deign to do – and for one day don’t deign to do.

For one day, see your participation in social networks that can’t be bothered to give you a even playing field as more of a benefit to them than to you, and decide to withhold that unpaid labor.

For one day, burn your words.

4 Responses to “Happy International Women’s Day”

  1. littleinfinity says:

    I love this image and shamelessly yoinked it onto my fb feed just now. <3

    What is everyone doing today? I'm taking the day mostly off and planning to use the downtime to call my representatives (5calls app is great), and also read some female writers (in the middle of both Hannah Arendt and Lucia Berlin right now).

    • CleverManka says:

      Ooof I just got home and dinner in me I barely kept up with check-in work was so nuts today. Ugh I thought it would be tomorrow that would be bad (big department event I'm helping organize) and I hope I just overshot the expected worst day for dealing with it because wow if Thursday DOES turn out to be the worst day I am screwed.

      But ENOUGH ABOUT ME I'm so glad you got to do such wonderful things today. I like to picture as many of us as possible putting up our feet and letting the world suffer in our absence.

  2. pseudonymica says:

    Beautiful thoughts delivered from my favorite social network. I signed out of facebl00k for the day because Siderea's point about having our own space resonated with me.

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