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The reverence of Santa Muerte by trans women in Mexico.

For those few who might still be on LiveJournal, their new user agreement is a giant crock of shit and what you sign might not even be the actual agreement. The language of the English version says “this translation of the User Agreement is not a legally binding document. The original User Agreement, which is valid, is located at the following address:” Which is, conveniently, not in English so who knows what you’re actually signing. 

You were a misogynist before testosterone

For cisgender readers — as a trans person who’s been taking testosterone for close to eight years and who knows many other people who take testosterone, I want you to know that testosterone doesn’t make you a misogynist. It’s as laughable as the statement that testosterone makes you interested in science (#distractinglysexy, anyone?). Testosterone didn’t make Griffin a misogynist, nor did it suddenly send beams of empathy rushing into his brain for boys and men who sexually harass women.

Griffin was a misogynist before taking testosterone.

Continuing my trend of posting links to everything Ijeoma Oluo writes, here’s her essay on the (lack of) value we place on fat people.

This guy is writing a series on how to become a farmer without fucking up your entire life. I’m not on the fast track to farming, but I’ll be following this series because talk about Changing Your Life.

Marketing to fan communities (taking product placement above and beyond).

While tweeting fandom references, or even attempting to incorporate your brand into fan culture itself may be advantageous to one’s social media strategy, marketing a product towards fandom necessitates an understanding of fan communities. Particularly when relying on a single fandom to be both viewer, promoter, and serve as inspiration, such understanding is even more crucial. Beyond the semi-amusing clickbait of fandom-oriented tweets, constructing an entire product around fan practice for fans is tricky territory perhaps best left alone. Knowing your target demographic, it seems, may also mean knowing when to not engage in the first place.

It’s not just people giving birth who need a doula.

Woman of Color in Wide Open Spaces

I’d decided to spend four weeks as a woman of color in wide-open spaces detoxing from whiteness. But when I pitched my tent, I hadn’t known that about 80% of National Parks visitors and employees are white. Essentially, I’d leapt from the Ivory Tower into a snowbank. I should have known that Black folks weren’t the target audience for all those memes about the cleansing, revitalizing effects of the Great Outdoors. I should have known from the people in the images. Always white people in zip-up North Face fleeces, stretchy yoga pants, and hiking boots. But I didn’t know, and I gassed up my car and went.

As soon as I feel able to do more than minimalist-survival cooking, I’m making this.

Crafting as resistance

A white male student at Texas State gives us an example of using your privilege for good. I especially love that he had to put down flowers and a balloon before destroying the anti-choice posters.

I don’t think I’ve linked to any fiction on a Dump yet, but this story (The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike) is amazeballs. And it’s especially timely considering the Pepsi debacle.

Nike as a brand had always been about striving. Not invariably so; the Mars Blackmon ads were mostly just funny, and so was the Lil’ Penny campaign. And sometimes they were more about the win than the process. But at its best and most influential, Nike had made itself a symbol of improving yourself, and making an impact on the world. Doing better. Being better.

They’d even dabbled directly in politics before with an extensive campaign promoting Title IX; little girls talking about the benefits of sports. It was beautiful, if not controversial. And it had helped to sway hearts and minds, as beautifully produced media often did.

32 Responses to “Thursday Link Dump”

  1. Kazoogrrl says:

    Look at what I just read!

    "Hopkins, however, is moving beyond McHugh. This summer, it will formally open a transgender health service and will resume, after a 38-year hiatus, an accompanying surgical program."

    • kemnitiri says:

      There is just too much to say about JH and McHugh so I'll limit it to… when everyone in your neighborhood was younger everyone the normals said that bus full of ppl going by, you don't want to be a part of that. So you got off. 38 yrs later that bus has still been driving by every day with even more full busses joining them… and now you decide to get back on because you stopped listening to what the normals were saying.

      I lost a lot of respect for JH over the years and this isn't going to earn anything back. As for McHugh, a Christian who keeps asserting he has nothibg against us, but (his works)keeps showing up on court cases and used against us. The smiling face of Chistians at work to remind you that you are wrong and god's followers are right.

      TY for the link Kazoogrrl! Good news is hard to find these days.

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        In Baltimore there are a lot of issues with JH regarding their treatment of the neighborhood it's in and expansion of their campus, their stance on bringing a living wage to the city, and more. Any tiny way they can get their act together definitely helps.

        I like that the article addresses McHugh's writing, how it's used, and the stance taken by his collogues.

  2. vladazhael says:

    Thursdays are always so good for my brain. Thank you for just all of these.

  3. Flitworth says:

    The Wrong Bitch

    An Oz inspired show called Straight Outta Oz that addresses racism and sexuality. I want to see this more than anything. I have no other words….

  4. meat_lord says:

    Oh my jeez. I shudder at the thought that there are many trans men like Griffin out there. "You Were a Misogynist Before Testosterone" is speaking the truth. It makes me so, so glad that I am not That Guy, and it makes me very determined to not ever be That Guy.

    Also everything else in this roundup is really good??? Wow.

    I'm not fat enough to face most types of fatphobia, buuuuuut I also can't buy clothes in stores that only sell straight sizes. That Ijeoma Oluo piece really opened my eyes to what would be possible if thin people would back their fat comrades up.

    • meat_lord says:

      Speaking of hormones, gender, and transition, let me digress for a sec. I did not expect starting HRT to launch a powerful round of gender questioning for me–but it did.

      I know how I want my body to look. I know what combination of gendered traits makes me feel like myself, and like a person. I've wanted to transition to a very specific kind of body for about ten years now; I dreamed of it before I knew it was possible.

      But HRT and other forms of medical transition are what you do when you're sure of everything, right? When you truly know your own gender, that's when you take the plunge, right? All the transgender media I've ever consumed tells me so, but that's not…. how it's going in practice.

      Attempting a nonbinary transition, and having to think about whether I want people to perceive me as a woman, as a man, or as a vexing point of tension between the two, is making me carefully reconsider my nonbinary identity. At the moment, I don't know what gender I really am, or if you can even "really be" anything. I'm lost in space, spinning in abstract gender theory and the frustrating reality of our material circumstances.

      The only way out is through. The only solid point is inhabiting this meat sack and watching it begin to change, wriggling into my binder and feeling it squeeze me into shape. I'm a pupating caterpillar, in the "liquefied" stage of the process. The uncertainty makes me anxious, but I'm pretty sure there's clarity coming, down the road.

      • vladazhael says:

        That's honestly a beautiful write-up.

      • CleverManka says:

        This is gorgeous and meaningful and if you ever want to put something like this up as a Wednesday content post, let me know.

      • kemnitiri says:

        There is beauty in whatever you choose to be. Sounds like maybe you just need to be who you are, love yourself for it. The opinions of others about you are meaningless. Your happiness is all that matters in this lifetime. If you want to be or are gender fluid, gender binary, something inside or out, it all doesn't matter. As long as you are happy with yourself and love who you are ::)

      • Lee Thomson says:

        Thank you for your description of your process – it is powerful to read.

      • beaucoup1314 says:

        Silent friend of many distances, feel
        how your breath is enlarging space.
        Among the rafters of dark belfries
        let yourself ring. What preys on you will
        strengthen from such nourishment.
        Come and go with metamorphosis.
        What’s your most painful experience?
        If the drinking is bitter, turn to wine.
        In this huge night, become
        the magic at the crossways of your senses.
        Be what their strange encounter means
        And if the earthly forgets you,
        say to the quiet earth: I flow.
        Speak to the rushing water — say: I am.
        — Rainer Maria Rilke, The Songs of Orpheus, trans. David Young

        • meat_lord says:

          AUGH MY GAY LITTLE HEART. That made me tear up. Thank you.

          Also, thank you for reminding me that I love Rilke. Might have to use this as an epigraph for the Wednesday post that I'm apparently now writing 🙂

          • beaucoup1314 says:

            Glad you like it. I am an old woman who thinks about these things often. People should be people. I am old enough to remember when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke. I am old enough to recall when John F Kennedy spoke. Stonewall. I recall the empty thoughts of the summer of love. Dr King will reverberate. Stonewall meant a change for people. Life will continue to go on. I may not be certain about our current administration.

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