Unexpected costs

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Amy hurt her back and spent the week alternating between too-pained and too-loopy-from-pain-meds to write. Please send her some soothing, healing vibes and perhaps check out her article, published last week on the Billfold!

Please feel free to use today as an open thread if you’re feeling chatty.

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  1. meat_lord says:

    Oof, poor Amy. I hope you feel better soon! And that article is great.

    (Cannot remind everyone enough: if you have a joint account and the other person on it is no longer someone that you trust with your money, you have to get them off there right away. And in order to do that, you'll probably need to close the bank account and reopen it in your name only, depending on the policies of your financial institution.)

    • beaucoup1314 says:

      I liked this reply, but also want to emphasize that one needs their own finances. The cleanest way I've discovered is to transfer your funds into a new account. Any decent bank will help you do this. I very much also hope you feel better soon. Sending positive thoughts from New Orleans.

  2. vladazhael says:

    Healing vibes to Amy, and excellent article! Cheers to all of us who have outgrown crappy men.

    The apartment move is done, but for a few odds and ends I'll grab from the house this weekend while I take care of the dogs. (Ex will be out of town for his girlfriend's *snicker* college graduation. He gets to meet her dad. It's gonna be a shitshow, y'all.) Everything went well with the moving process (time consuming and on the expensive side, but successful), I'm settling in at a decent pace, and my mental state is stable-to-thriving. Now to downsize as I unpack, because FUCK I have too much stuff. But instead of spending all of yesterday unpacking, I treated myself to a new hairstyle, so now it's bright red and orange with some yellow bits because fuck subtlety.

    • meat_lord says:

      Congrats on completing your movie! Also, your hair sounds awesome. Any chance of pics? (Also also: lol-ing gently over your ex's impending shitshow.)

    • Lynn says:

      Solidarity on the paring down of stuff! Our project this summer was going to be that, so we wouldn't have to move it all again… And then we had to move it all again because we had to get it cleaned post-fire to be able to donate it. We're starting with dumping everything we haven't touched since we moved in together and going from there.

      We finally got unpacked enough that I had a 75 percent normal Sunday – made my own coffee, did yoga, did my standard Sunday chores and got to set my actual alarm clock instead of my phone alarm. So I finally feel like some small amount of order is being restored.

    • Doc_Paradise says:

      Congrats! Yay hair! (I should go get mine done soon. I'm thinking purple.)

  3. pseudonymica says:

    I love humanity right now. Everything has been going wrong and lack of money was forcing me to quit vision therapy, which is the ONE thing that gives me both hope and tangible progress in my tbi recovery. I was nearly catatonic with depression and then our dear, most clever of Clever Mankas told me that an anonymous benefactor wanted to help.

    I can't thank you enough, my benefactor ❤. I'll remember your kindness forever. Your gift will have a substantial impact, too, because my neuro optometrist just offered me a scholarship that will lower the cost of each session to $45. That's two whole weeks of hope and healing! I'm sure I will find ways to continue that momentum.

    Tomorrow I'm going to be on a panel of experts for middle school students who are doing a project on the effects of technology on social and emotional well-being. I plan to stress the positive aspects – especially now! – and encourage them to cultivate online spaces where people can support each other, like this one we have here.

  4. meat_lord says:

    Send help, I can't stop listening to vaporwave. Here's today's jam:

  5. Lee Thomson says:

    What an inspiring and enraging article! More power to you, and here's to peace and fiscal structure.

  6. Heathered says:

    I'm sorry to be drifting in so late, but that story was terrific as is the news above. Soul food.

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