Lammas post help!

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heyyy sooooooooooooo I dropped a glass in the kitchen and sliced my pinky finger open pretty bad. I refused to go get stitches and am following my mom/personal nurse’s advice for steri-tape and a splint for five days no movement. I can’t/won’t type my piece for Lammas one-handed so anyone interested in pinch hitting, please email me. If there aren’t any takers, it’ll just be a shorter piece, no problem!



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  1. Rillquiet says:

    Oh, hon, own-blood sacrifice is not the way! Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

  2. LaxMom says:

    OW I'm sorry you are cut so deeply. I will worry about you. I know nothing about Lammas but BE CAREFUL and get better!!!!

    I am trying hard not to nag here, but are you sure you didn't cut any tendons?

  3. Flitworth says:

    Ick! Keep an open mind about stitches- esp. if the bleeding doesn't stop:(

    For the record, totes misread key word:

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  4. ru_ri says:

    If you can dictate it over the phone I can transcribe? I know Jack shit about Lammas but I am a good transcriber.
    ETA: I am so sorry about your finger!!!

  5. meat_lord says:

    Owww 🙁 Sending good vibes for your recovery!

  6. redheadfae says:

    Well, damn that glass. I'll keep any corres to a minimum for your healing.
    Yay for your personal nurse being on hand.

  7. Flitworth says:

    How's the finger?

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