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This Catapult essay on The Furies is flat-out amazeballs. Read it.

I didn’t really mean to find anger. I stumbled into it ridiculously late for a women’s college graduate, not until my mid-twenties—a time when I was hauling around a lot of pain and confusion, awkwardly, like a person trying to carry groceries without a cart. Feminism was the bag that fit my baggage; it showed me how experiences that had hurt and bewildered me were actually part of a vast, lofty structure of wrongs, much larger than my tiny griefs.

I still tried to dismiss it at first: The anger seemed so loud, so needy, compared to my typical habits of laughing and blaming myself. But once I’d seen the structure that connected my experience with others’, I couldn’t dismiss the possibilities: I can help fix this. I can protect someone else. I just have to say it’s wrong. I built anger like a bicep: little by little, complaining all the while.

The last living Nuremberg prosecutor has Some Words for us living in the current age. “I will tell you something very profound, which I have learned after many years. War makes murderers out of otherwise decent people. All wars, and all decent people.”

It might be a while before I’m done posting stuff sparked by the Joss Whedon debacle.

I am so very very glad that my circumstances afford me the luxury of my own bedroom. I wish the practice wasn’t so maligned and misunderstood by our society.

Ally Etiquette 101 and the importance of having friends who don’t share your privileges. A black farmer writes a FB post about racism to his local Charlottesville customers. The Five Types of “Becky” (which I had no idea started as a controversial term for fellatio).

Ijeoma Oluo has suggestions on how to fight white supremacy.

So, now that we’ve established that white supremacy is not as simple as a group of marching, angry white people—that white supremacy is literally the air that we breathe—it seems daunting, hopeless, even, doesn’t it? But in fact, the opposite is true. You can spend the rest of your life fighting to win over the hearts of white supremacists one at a time, and if you won over one a week even, you would, at the end of your life, have not made a measurable dent in white supremacy. But systems, systems we can change. Remember, it was the threat to the system of white supremacy symbolized in the election of Barack Obama that so terrified white Americans. It was the thought that the levers needed to reduce the structural power of white supremacy were within the reach of non-white hands.

Because we all interact with the system of white supremacy, because we all uphold it to some degree — we all have some power to tear it down. And while discussions of white privilege can make many white people want to plug their ears in order to keep the shame of their participation in the oppression of others at bay, acknowledgement of that privilege is also the key to finding the places where you can make the most impact in fighting white supremacy.

An excellent take on the need to re-examine the principles of free speech (and also my reminder that next year’s holiday donation presents are not going to the ACLU).

As someone who watched Yiannopoulos’ rise, I’ve borne witness to the fact that no one with any real power stood up to him and his abuses; this absence is what abetted his growing popularity. The passive permission granted to him by social media platforms, universities, and the press carried with it an imprimatur of approval and acceptability. The grating noise you heard was the sound of the Overton Window shifting.

I saw these adorable little penis…toys? figurines? thingies?…in a Tumblr post (possibly NSFW, click at your own discretion). Now that I’ve found them, do I buy them? Ugh, they’re just so cute.

Tips on hair washing. I only wash my hair about twice a month these days (very amenable hair + sedentary lifestyle = little need to wash) but I might revisit this if I ever get to visit the gym multiple times a week again.

Are there any (former or current) Durannies here? I’m not going to buy the book but reading the excerpt sent me on a hour-long YouTube binge of D2 videos.

“Planet Earth” is an imperfect video, but as first efforts go, it’s an outstanding calling card for the band, establishing them as glamorous beings who go on strange and often supernatural journeys, the likes of which are inaccessible to mortals. Here, they’re bopping around the Fortress of Solitude; next year, they’ll storm through jungles and battle zombies and cavort with sultry brunettes on the decks of yachts while gliding through azure waters. Someday soon, they’ll fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. They’re not just a band, they’re adventurers.

I keep forgetting to schedule this as a weekend activity with the Burgomaster because experiencing hallucinations and seeing monsters in my lover’s eyes sounds like a spectacular Saturday night (YMMV).

My early-modern buddy on our department faculty confirms that the area of Medieval Studies was, indeed, a dumpster fire this summer.

My beloved Mel Joulwan is friends with the ladies who created this cookbook that focuses on all sorts of thyroid issues and I’m passing along their info because anything endorsed by Mel is good by me. It comes with a bunch of bonuses for those who pre-order. If you want to order through a local bookseller (like I did) Jill and Lisa are happy to give you access to the bonuses without an online order receipt. Just drop them a line through the contact form on their site.




25 Responses to “Thursday Link Dump”

  1. CleverManka says:

    Many thanks to everyone who sent link suggestions for this week. There were so many good ones but I didn't want to make the list too long. I'll probably be including several of them in next week's dump. I appreciate everyone's suggestions, even if I don't use them! THANK YOU!

  2. Xolandra says:

    O dang, I love Jess Zimmerman so much. I feel like she is a smarter, more articulate version of the human I wish to be.

  3. Heathered says:

    *raises hand* Duran Duran was my first concert. I haven't even looked at the link and now I want to YouTube them all day. The nudity in some of those videos freaked the shit out of not-out-queer me back then.

  4. Xolandra says:

    Something in yesterday's comments made me think of my favourite local button makers, astropuke. I used to have a "don't fucking touch me" button, but probably gave it away to someone who needed it more. These days I am sporting a switchblade in a hand that reads "hello boys". I LOVE IT.

  5. Kazoogrrl says:

    I really need to only work a half day Thursdays so I can sit and check out all these links after lunch.

  6. Rillquiet says:

    Keshia Thomas, who was photographed protecting a guy wearing a Confederate flag from a beating back in 1996, has been out in Houston with a semi truck to rescue people. Check it out and support her work if you can. Community organizers are the shit.

  7. Kazoogrrl says:

    The bedroom article makes me want to high five the author and her boyfriend.

    • Fancy_Pants says:

      Same! I love the attitude that everything in a relationship is negotiable. There's no one "right" way to be in a relationship, and I bet a lot of relationship friction is due to people feeling obligated to do things (like share a bedroom) that are unsuitable for them.

      It seems like the author and their partner are communicating their needs openly to each other, which makes my heart happy. Good job, kids! High fives all around!

  8. Räven says:

    Nice to see medieval studies overflowing its usual cesspool of misogyny to incorporate Even Moar Hate. D:

    (O, this reminds me I unfollowed Mary Beard on twitter because of the high volume of discussion exchanges with racist trolls but maybe it's quieted down by now.)

    • Flitworth says:

      Did you read the New Yorker profile on her last year? I really enjoyed it and there is a satisfying story of her engaging and transforming a troll.

      • Räven says:

        Yes! I like her, & I like her writing – I don't understand her patience for engaging with all these people but I guess I admire it. I just want to box their ears.

        • Flitworth says:

          is there a book of hers you recommend? I got the one on laughter in ancient Rome and it's interesting but not all-in-one-sitting-moar level interesting:)

  9. Doc_Paradise says:

    I very much like the furies article.

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