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Mario Ciampi, University of California Berkeley Art Museum, 1970

This week’s Tumblr collection might need a bit of an explanation, if only for the tag. Deputychairman is one of my favorite people on Tumblr and she loves brutalist architecture and big, grimy cities. She had a birthday recently, so this week I present Tuesday, October 10: Architecture for Deputy.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.



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  1. Xolandra says:

    So in other ways that our lives are weirdly parallel – I also have a friend who is a fan of brutalist architecture! Like, having clicked on deputychairman's tumblr, I am _still_ not convinced that they aren't the same person, except the human I know has no tumblr.

    Funfact! Ottawa is home to a little bit of brutalism, and the buildings are so terribly out of fashion that they are quietly (or not so quietly!) being re-… interpreted? designed? idk what you call it when you crash a spaceship into a castle, but that, except less pretty. The National Arts Centre is the latest example of this – this is an article that reflects the furor that happened in Ottawa: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/arts/art-and-arc

    That first pic tho? The architect's concept? Man, that human should get a frigging PRIZE for positive thinking, because that is NOT AT ALL what it looks like now. This is the NAC's website (pics 2 and 3 are what I pass by daily): http://dsai.ca/projects/national-arts-centre-reju…. Please keep in mind that these are literally the best pictures that could possibly be taken of this building. To me, it looks like someone crashed an elementary school mobile classroom into the side of the building. Like, the siding is diarrhea brown, i shit (ha!) you not.

    QUIT RUINING BURTALISM is what I am getting at here. It, too, is pretty. #harrumph

    • CleverManka says:

      Oh dear, that is disappointing. The inside looks marvelous, though. I know all about ruining brutalism. This is what the building I work in was supposed to look like:
      <img src="http://www.benegg.net/sites/Wescoe_original_plan.jpg"&gt;
      But because nobody did research on the quality of the land, they found out too late that it wouldn't support that weight without collapsing down the hill so we wound up with this:
      <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3349/3442631229_8c5907aee7.jpg"&gt;

      • Xolandra says:

        O my gods I love everything about that story!!!

        • CleverManka says:

          It's quite the campus legend, along with being the ugliest building on campus…

          • Xolandra says:

            My alma mater's legend/shame is the arts building. For reference(the pics are good).

            When the UofS was being built, they designed a large green space (called "the bowl" because it is one) at the centre of campus. All of the buildings were supposed to form a horseshoe around the bowl, with the head of the horseshoe being the admin building and the horseshoe opening onto a view of the river. Then the 80s happened, and the planners were all THIS WILL NOT STAND and they built a 10+ (I think there are stairs to an 11th floor) story arts tower RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIEW TO THE RIVER. It is also one of the few buildings on campus that is not neo-gothic.

            Don't even get me STARTED on what happened when they tried to connect the system of tunnels that connects res to most of the buildings on campus with the education building. It's like everyone in administrator position sin the 80s suddenly fell victim to selective amnesia.

          • Xolandra says:

            Hahahaha, prairies, right? Nothing if not space.

            USask also has adjacent scienc-y type buildings, and experimental farm land-space. It's a huge campus, but it is easy to forget because it is segregated from the rest of the city (it has its own traffic laws in which pedestrians rule the day, I love it so) and even within that there are parts of campus that if you have no reason to go there, you will never ever be there. CF the sculpture gardens, which are amazing and apparently a secret because hell's bells did I ever have to dig deep into my Google-Fu to find those pics!!!

            My favourite part about the enormity of the USask campus is that EVERYONE complains about the lack of parking and there is AMPLE parking. It's just not in the bowl, and how DARE they make us walk across campus? Or worse – ACROSS THE STREET?

  2. exitpursuedbyaclaire says:

    Tragically, the link seems to be to last week's Tumblr Tuesday (or not tragically, because now I know how delightful Andy Sandberg is, and I didn't know this before)

  3. ru_ri says:

    Nice! I love brutalist architecture.

    I have been obsessed with this building since I first glimpsed it on a walk in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo. In my alternate life I reside there and make a living breeding Siamese fighting fish.

  4. Lee Thomson says:

    UMass Amherst and Colgate Univ. both had these astounding, leaky, uncomfortable brutalist buildings in the middle of relatively serene New England College architecture, and the balance was … odd.

    I kind of love the Tubiest Building EVAR bc that makes my brain hurt in a good way. Some of the others feel far too jovial or playful to be "properly" brutalist, but IANA Architect or architectural historian and have no actual standing to decide. I mean, I am not opposed to brutalist buildings, they just are so loud and cold and echoey, and as though all the interior has to be just as uncomfortable to inhabit as the exterior is to witness. Also Every. Single. One. I have worked in has leaked. Does waterproofing not work?

    That was whinier than I meant it to be. Sorry.

  5. redheadfae says:

    Loving those amazing high rises! The abandoned Egyptian hotels are so melancholy.

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