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Roxanne Gay interviews Nicki Minaj

Minaj’s public image and personas are carefully curated. The tabloids have assiduously tracked her professional and personal lives and I restrain myself from asking about her ex Safaree Samuels, who appears on “Love & Hip Hop,” a reality television series about the music industry, and if she would ever give Drake a shot. (I restrain myself greatly.) I don’t know that anyone but her inner circle knows who Nicki Minaj really is.

Guy mansplains the Indiana Jones costume to the woman who did the costume design for the movie. Let’s make “Stanley you have got to be kidding” the new “Harold they’re lesbians.”

If you’re up for it, check for possible local resistance groups. Indivisible is taking Tea Party tactics and applying them to progressive agendas.

I have avoided posting articles about 45, but Vice’s write-up of the Trudeau Trump worst double-date in history is pretty great.

What is international diplomacy but the highest-stakes couples dinner of them all? Canada and America are neighbours that share a backyard fence. Imagine you are the prime minister and you live in a small rustic cottage on the shore of Lake Superior, in the shadow of a gaudy McMansion wherein dwells an extremely dumb but powerful asshole. You share a property line and you are obligated to be friends with this guy, even though he keeps threatening to cancel the annual neighbourhood block party and also set everyone’s house on fire. There is no way out of this, so every other month you have to visit his house and try to convince him not to ruin your life. Today you’re bringing your wife along for backup.

A royal wedding for modern times.

The creation and filming of The Princess Bride‘s sword fight.

Partners are not entitled to know every detail about each other’s feelings.

Because other people’s emotions are first and foremost theirs, not ours. What they do with them is their prerogative, not ours. And hearing them, if they choose to share, is a privilege, not a right. We are not “owed” anything in their heads.
Sharing is caring. But care is also about being fair. Love is about respecting boundaries and understanding what’s yours, what’s theirs, and what they want as well.

Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley are the first black artists to paint official presidential portraits for the National Portrait Gallery.

Laurie Penny talks about consent.

We are surrounded by so many images of sexuality that it’s easy to think of ourselves as liberated. But liberation, by definition, involves everyone. Instead, the messages that bombard us from marketing and pop culture to mainstream pornography insist that acceptable desire goes only in one direction: from men to women. It’s a homogenous, dehumanizing vision of straight sex, a simple story where only men have agency, and women are passive points on a spectrum of fuckability. This is sexual license, not liberation. Today’s sexual freedom is rather like today’s market freedom, in that what it practically entails is freedom for people with power to dictate terms and freedom for everyone else to shut up and smile. We have come to accept, as in so many areas of life, a vision of freedom whereby the illusion of choice is a modesty slip for unspeakable everyday violence.

Hogwarts Express rescues family stranded in Highlands

Dressing with hip dips from an all-body-positive blog.

Okay so there’s no place in Lawrence, Kansas where I can say this without getting dogpiled so I’m going to say it here: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW, ROY WILLIAMS WORSHIPPERS. Seriously, fuck college athletics. The whole system/culture is an abomination (for those who are blissfully unaware of college basketball ~~drama~~, Roy Williams was the adored golden coach for KU until he left for North Carolina and anyone who thinks similar shenanigans aren’t going on at their sports-inclined university is fucking deluded).

A Perfect Circle has a new album coming out next year (!) and here’s the first released song:









15 Responses to “Thursday Link Dump”

  1. CleverManka says:

    I'm trying to make next week's Dump mostly (if not all) spooky stuff, so if you've got recommendations, please email them to me!

  2. vladazhael says:

    My GOD, I love Laurie Penny. And I love A Perfect Circle, even if I learned about them from the very specific dude I thought of when I read this: The disaster of a modern heterosexuality that still teaches us that openness and honesty are boner-killers, that “things are better with a bit of mystery,” leaves not a few of us so overtaken by our own complexes and hangups that we cannot name abuse for what it is, much less consent.

  3. meat_lord says:

    That Nicki Minaj interview is spectacular. I really, really like her–as a musician and as a celebrity/public persona. Roxane Gay was an inspired choice of interviewer. Also: EXTREMELY HYPE FOR KEHINDE WILEY'S OBAMA PORTRAIT. Wiley is who I would have picked to paint him, had I had any say whatsoever in the Presidential portrait.

  4. Flitworth says:

    The Laurie Penny piece was magnificent!

  5. Flitworth says:

    So this is somewhat OT and yet, as it deals with sexuality, agency, and sexism, I will share:
    The other night I was telling th a requested 'princess story'. Cinderella, from memory, inserting references to strength instead of beauty (so much work) and we get to the ball in the story and I realize: Holy shit. Cinderella is wearing clear heels. And the issue with that is Chris Rock has provided the only narrative I had previously for clear heels.

    • redheadfae says:

      I remember when the clear high heel came out… and I knew it caught on because it was the closest we could get to Cinderella's glass slipper. Everyone had a pair for awhile, even little girl Jellies sandals. Then it passed, as all trends, but with the higher platform and heel, it was a shoe-in (ha!) for strippers to make their legs look longer and longer. I wonder if the whole glass slipper mythos wasn't part of it catching on, finding one's Prince (with all the money).

  6. jenavira says:

    That Vice piece makes me cringe so hard but also makes me want to send thank-you cards to the Trudeaus.

    Additional: The Body Is Not an Apology has been killing it lately; this piece on "Doing Your Best" found me at just the right time, and they've got some great stuff on #metoo.

  7. pseudonymica says:

    I want "Stanley you have got to be kidding" to catch on so at least we have the balm of a dismissive phrase when mansplaining strikes. It's perfect.

    I recommend Indivisible too! I'm not hugely involved, but a friend directed me to them when I expressed my frustration and guilt that I don't have the energy, on any level, to keep up the fight – but must do so anyway. She added me to the Facebook group for a local chapter that does weekly checklists of very do-able actions, including a lot of local and state stuff. The community has been friendly when I ask what I worry might be stupid questions. I was impressed with how well organized their healthcare rally was, with lots of volunteers handing out water and answering questions.

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