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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Joey

This is the weekly post for those of us who are traversing together this hellscape called Personal Growth. Brag about this week’s accomplishments, ask for support, talk about what worked, what didn’t. Tell us how things are going for you.

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  1. jenavira says:

    I have seen no less than 3 reminders on Twitter this week that the Anniversary Effect is a thing, so if you were extremely fucked up by the election last year, that may be why the brainweasels are extra-active right now. I gotta say, though, last night's results did a hell of a job mitigating that. I felt happy for at least half an hour? What is that like?? (I can't even about Danica Roem, I am just so happy that she's a person who exists WHO WON AN ELECTION, the world is maybe not a terrible place after all)

    In non-politics, bless Alison of Ask a Manager with many blessings, for I managed to have an uncomfortable conversation with my boss about scheduling issues, a conversation in which I started tearing up because hello, brainweasels, and managed to stay professional, apologized for my random eye-leakage, and overall felt it was a good conversation that needed to be had and I'm glad I did it, even if the answer wasn't what I wanted. Which I would not have been able to do without years of reading her advice, so.

    (NaNoWriMo status update: 5k-ish, which meant I got to go see Thor: Ragnarok over the weekend. I am managing to stick to "write at least one sentence a day," and although there's pretty much no way I'm going to reach 50k this year, I'm going to keep going. I've never done that before, kept writing all month when there was no chance of "winning," and I think it's a worthwhile thing to try.)

    • CleverManka says:

      I hope the brainweasels ease up on you soon and GO YOU for getting through that talk with your boss!

      • jenavira says:

        Alas, it is Brainweasel Season (and will be until Solstice at least, never mind the Anniversary Effect), but I'm prepared for it right now and coping. Next week I get to pick up my yarn advent box, which is a promise to myself that I will get through December, and then it's Thanksgiving, which is always a joy in my family.

        (There is a part of me that suspects that part of the reason early winter is Brainweasel Season is because I don't really do Christmas and I also don't do this "relaxing" thing very well, so my brain throws everything it can at me in an attempt to get me to slow the fuck down. I have some hopes that one day I'll prepare so thoroughly for Brainweasel Season that it won't happen at all, and instead I'll get to enjoy the nesting and knitting and "sorry I can't, I have plans" weekends that I spend on the couch with the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions.)

        • CleverManka says:

          I hope you're able to enjoy winter nesting time someday, too! I wish you could come watch that with the Burgomaster. He's always trying to get me to rewatch with him and I'm just not a big re-watcher for anything except comedies (and Spirited Away).

          • jenavira says:

            Re-watching things is part of my nesting (and, I think, part of managing that barely-diagnosed ADHD – helps me orient myself in the year.)

          • Kazoogrrl says:

            Thank you for the reminder to buy LOTR BEFORE Thanksgiving this year, so I can rewatch over the weekend.

            Also, maybe Candletime would help? It's simply lighting a candle and having a sit down to get away from/enjoy slowing down before the holiday onslaught. #candletime is all over Instagram, it came from a blog. Here's a link to a story about it, the original blog seems to be gone. http://www.twincities.com/2014/11/07/daily-juggle

          • jenavira says:

            I definitely do this sometimes! I call it "lazy meditation," but.

          • exitpursuedbyaclaire says:

            Maybe I should try rewatching Lord of the Rings–it's been so long since I've done that, and for a while I was watching them at least once a year. Rewatching things is also a big part of my nesting, but I've never been able to put it into words quite right before, so thank you for that!

          • jenavira says:

            I recommend it! But if you're particularly vulnerable to bad feelings, I recommend watching it Two Towers -> RotK -> Fellowship, so you get to end on adorable hobbits and Teamwork and happiness instead of…well. Heartbreak.

          • exitpursuedbyaclaire says:

            Two Towers has my favorite ending of the three, though. Sam's speech gets me every time.

        • vladazhael says:

          Brainweasel Season. Anniversary Effect. OMG. This… this explains so much! I mean so does the fact that I'm furiously juggling a whole bunch of Life Shit that I expect to be juggling for the next six months at least, but still. It's not all just me being a basketcase, and learning that is always a relief.

          • jenavira says:

            Right?? Remembering that there are external effects that make things worse is such a relief, sometimes.

    • Heathered says:

      Wow, congratulations on tough conversation-having, those things tend to really unspool me. Definitely keep writing! I think persistence is always a win.

      • jenavira says:

        Thank you! Ugh, conversations with authority figures are the worst.

        I am determined to keep writing. I am not gonna let brainweasels and asshole politicians take this away from me, too. How is your NaNoing going?

        • Heathered says:

          No complaints, except it's A LOT of talk and basically no action, and I think the timeline is bonkers. I like the process, though–having almost no work and still trying to find the right meds to get my own brainweasels trainable, it's just nice to have a thing to focus on.

          • jenavira says:

            I always have the same problem! Or rather, I have talk or action, not both. After I'm done with this (or next time I need to procrastinate on writing), I need to do the "analyze a scene that works" trick to figure out how other people do conversations without having them just be endless reams of dialogue.

            I do always love the structure NaNo brings.

    • Xolandra says:

      Congrats on the tough conversation! I always lose it, cry, and then stalk off.

      I hate my bosses.

      • jenavira says:

        I am lucky in that I like my boss and generally believe that she's doing a good job, but ugh, do I have baggage about having conversations with people who have power over me. (Remind me to tell the story sometime about the teacher who called me a bitch in an email!)

    • Rillquiet says:

      When someone asked Roem about her opponent last night, she said that he's one of her constituents and that she doesn't badmouth the people for whom she works. As a child of the "bless his heart" jedi, I can only marvel at the execution.

    • LaxMom says:

      Yeah, not so much here. For the first time in 17 years, we lost the school levy by 200 votes. I HATE everything politics forever.

      We are going to see Thor this weekend (at least, teengirl and I am, if she gets her act together with overdue work).

      • jenavira says:

        AAAAAAAARGH I will never understand people who vote against school levies. (Or libraries, for that matter.) The ROI is so good! What is wrong with people?

        Here's hoping the promise of Thor is as helpful for teengirl as it was for me. I wouldn't be 5k into my NaNo project if I hadn't had that hanging out there as a tempting reward.

        • LaxMom says:

          RIght? Like, I grew up only going to public school for kindergarten, hearing everybody bitch about desegregation busing, my parents paying for catholic schools for 4 kids because CLE schools suck, but they STILL drilled into my head the words, "Either you pay for schools or you pay for prisons, so fund the schools!"

    • redheadfae says:

      Thank you for the Anniversary thing. It helped a lot.

    • Fancy_Pants says:

      I want your brain weasels to know that your silmarillion rewrite makes me SO SO happy. I just had an amazing moment with my friend (with whom I liberally sprinkle Tolkein references into most conversations) of "oh you read fanfic too? RECS PLEASE!!!" and I got to rec the silmarillion thing to her and she's reading it now and I'm beyond stoked about all of this.

      Which is all to say that I'm a fan and writing is definitely a worthwhile thing to try even if you don't hit your word count for November.

      • jenavira says:

        Oh my goodness I am in the middle of a tedious Thursday evening at work and I cannot tell you how much this comment has made my day. <3 I'm so pleased people love my ridiculous Silmarillion thing.

        (Great, now I'm having Feelings About Second-Age Elves again. I can give my Feelings About Second-Age Elves to Thranduil and put them in my NaNo fic, right?)

  2. Xolandra says:

    Well helloooooooooooo Manakanauts! Over the weekend, I managed to convince someone from Montreal (arguably Canada's coolest city) that hOttawa (known locally as the town that fun forgot, or the place that people leave to go party in Montreal) is cool. It was terribly convenient that a NYC DJ was playing the only dance club that I will go to that night, but I think I would have managed it anyway, haha.

    The months-long process of making holiday cards has begun. I spent an hour huffing glue before I got to work today. There will be more glue-huffing in my near future.

    Idk even who these humans are, but I just about lost it at my desk while watching this video:

    . GIANT. HEART. EYE. EMOJI. If you'll excuse me, I'll be checknig out their backlog.

    O yes also in Funk News, Vulfpeck drop yesterday, if such if your style: https://vulfpeck.bandcamp.com/album/mr-finish-lin

  3. Heathered says:

    Manka, I'm sure you've seen probably seen this but it made me laugh and think of you:

  4. CleverManka says:

    I'm starting to feel less awful, hurray! Still can't breathe through my nose without Sudafed and Afrin, though, which is making me nervous and annoyed.

    I see AtN tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to mention to her that the three days I spent ingesting nothing but honey-lemon water and broth, my abdominal swelling radically decreased. My belly hasn't looked like that in nearly a year–not even first thing in the morning. The Burgomaster said he could even tell a difference from behind. One day after eating food again (solid-ish, in the form of stew or pureed soup), I'm back to looking several months pregnant, and the swelling never goes down, even after overnight fasting. *sigh* I'd told Dr. Sexy a couple months ago that I hadn't noticed as much swelling issues lately, but apparently that was because now the swelling just never goes away.

    Tomorrow I get to attempt a reintroduction of coconut milk into my diet. NGL I'm super nervous about it. What if I react badly? I don't want to have an intolerance to coconut milk!

    • meat_lord says:

      Good luck with the Return of The Coconut Milk!

    • jenavira says:

      Hooray for feeling better! And hey, at least you have a cocktail of medications that does allow you to breathe through your nose?

      That's…relatively good news on the diet front, I think? At least you've found something that makes a noticeable difference.

    • RoseCamelia says:

      Hurray for . . . less awful. I guess. Yes, it's good. But I want more for you.

      Please don't go down the What-If path. I know it's familiar territory for the prepper brain. I know familiar = some amount of soothing. But please. You have enough Right Now troubles. Please don't add any with What-If.

      Unless What-If is providing a respite from brooding over Right Now stuff you need patience for.

      Don't listen to me; I don't know what I',m talking/typing about. I just want you happy and healthy. ::Mankanaut Hugs::

      • CleverManka says:

        Oh, I know what-ifs don't help, but there's no point denying that I'll be super sad if I have to give up yet another thing that I used to eat at least once in some form every single day.

    • redheadfae says:

      I'm glad you're feeling better.. but WTH belly? How dare you taunt with decreasing roundness, only to return with food intake?
      It's hard not to hate the rebound. Something in the stew?

      I know it's no consolation, but my gut actually measures more than my hips at this point. I can slosh it around while lying on my back, which is weird and not ever having been this overweight, I don't know if fat feels like that or not. It's not the way my ass cheeks feel, anyway. Bah!

      • CleverManka says:

        That sloshing sounds suspicious…if you like, next time we see each other we can compare belly shape and feel. =D

        And no, I don't think it was what was in the food. I think it was just, you know, food.

        • redheadfae says:

          Dammit food! That's exactly how I feel about it anymore. Can I just take sustenance another way, please?

          I'd really like to compare, yes. Thank you for the validation, because it just seems weird, yanno? I've been laughing at myself prodding my belly and my breasts and trying to make a comparison (because ass being mostly muscle, of course it's not the same). I also have a funny little overhang at my largest incision scar. So weird.

  5. Absotively says:

    I made a tiny bit of progress on KonMari. I need to finish KonMari-ing pants so I can put my new table together, because the people who ran the Kickstarter said they need to know this week if anyone in Canada needs replacement parts, so it needs to be not in the boxes any more.

    I have caught up on Star Trek: Discovery, despite the minor setback of my TV breaking. Catching up did not make me any less worried about Stametz.

    I finally bought plane tickets for Christmas. I decided business class was, in fact, worth the money. I also booked lots of time off, because it turns out I had unused vacation time, but I'm spending a bunch of it at home, which will be nice.

    • CleverManka says:

      Mmmmm, yes. Stay-cations are my favorite.

    • jenavira says:

      Holiday-time staycations are the best, I hope you have a glorious time (and enjoy your business-class flight, I have never yet sprung for business class but I hear it's amazing).

      • Absotively says:

        Honestly, the thing that tipped the balance is the fancy airport lounge. I always show up way earlier than I need to, and the fancy lounge is quiet and has lots of comfy chairs and free snacks. The stuff on the flight is nice, too, but might not have been enough on its own to get me to upgrade.

        Even still, it wouldn't be worth it when business class is, like, twice as much, which is most of the time. But I do recommend considering it when the price difference happens to be relatively small.

        • jenavira says:

          Having had the advantage of the fancy train station lounge on this summer's train trip, and remembering how godawful it was last time I had to fly, sitting on the floor in LAX desperately hunting for a power outlet…yeah, that's definitely worth it.

          • Absotively says:

            The non-fancy lounge isn't even that bad! But quiet and free snacks win. Especially since the snacks are pretty darn close to meals.

  6. Rillquiet says:

    Yesterday was a vile cold raw day here in the DMV, and that combined with a poor wardrobe choice meant I almost let myself off going to the gym. But instead I shrugged and wore my ridiculous-for-me "I FLEXED AND THE SLEEVES FELL OFF" shirt like it was valid, and when a couple of folks I see regularly complimented it, I very sincerely told them I was a little worried about intimidating the guys. And also I did my lifts, avoiding the ones that ouch me in the piriformis, and then went to dance class and enjoyed myself.

    And then on the way home I opened Twitter and exhaled for the first time in a fucking year. Thank you, Virginia and New Jersey and Maine and Charlotte. You've given us something to build on. <img src="https://moseisleychronicles.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/46.gif"&gt;

  7. vladazhael says:

    I made krupnik on Friday night as planned, which went amazingly well and much faster than expected because my partner in fangirling and I are efficient witches. There was a moment where we were standing side by side each pouring a half gallon of Everclear into a canning pot. lt was very metal. (And then her husband did most of the hard work of straining the spices out the next morning.) Then we did the small local convention thing on Saturday (we were honestly the best part), then saw Thor: Ragnarok on Sunday (I have costume AND tattoo schemes now), and then on Monday we hauled ass across state lines with to go to this amazeballs thing: http://buzz.blog.ajc.com/2017/11/06/our-town/ It was delightful, everything was delightful, Chris Evans was adorably missing page 12, Jeremy Renner was a constant comedic joy.

    And now that the busy weekend is over and the Monday thing happened, I get to address the fact that I have 3 days until my misson to Hoth. I've got everything prepared. I'm ready. (Not I don't, and no I'm not, but it's going to happen anyway.)

    • jenavira says:

      There was a moment where we were standing side by side each pouring a half gallon of Everclear into a canning pot. lt was very metal.

      That's…that's amazing.

    • CleverManka says:

      That sounds amazing and is probably the only way I could be convinced to watch a production of that play. =D

      • LaxMom says:

        worst play in the history of plays. Well, maybe not THE worst, but awfully close. What a cool event!

        • vladazhael says:

          I knew nothing about it other than that it is famous and old, so this experience gave me an overall positive first impression. But now nothing is likely to live up to that first impression.

          • Lee Thomson says:

            if you have accomplished a positive first impression you have won for that particular play, also you are off the hook for ever having to see it again if it doesn't have Chris Evans in it!

  8. Kazoogrrl says:

    I am currently looking at several positions at a local university but am having trouble getting into the resume tweaking groove. I'm worried because they are hourly, though FT with benefits, and even at the highest rate would be a slight salary loss but OMFG I HAVE TO GET OUT OF MY JOB!!!! I am so good at self defeat through inaction!

    Also, hosting Thanksgiving was already feeling stressful this year, but my brother asked to bring his GF and her mom and her two kids (10 and 24), so suddenly I'm all, "Strangers in my house! Ack, the cleaning, the stress, ahhhhh!". I LIKE having people over, but this year has been so tough that I can't handle any deviation from routine. Man, I am fucking exhausted and over it.

    • CleverManka says:

      Ugh, that is a whole bunch of stress. I hope you're able to one-at-a-time baby-step your way through it all. Can your brother come over a couple days before to help clean? Dropping his GF and her mom on you like this, seems like he needs to pick up some of the labor, here. Or if he can't/won't do it himself, give you money to hire someone to at least do the bathrooms?

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        They'll take care of whatever food I pass along to them. He also respects if I said no guests, it wasn't a hard ask. They'd even hostif needed, but my parents like coming here. It's mostly getting J to step up on the housecleaning , holiday planning is the big Emotional Labor in our house.

      • jenavira says:

        That is an excellent idea. "Hey, since you're bringing extra guests, could you commit to an hour helping me clean?" Or prep, or whatever. (I guess I know better than to ask a man to do the emotional work of making sure the kids are sufficiently entertained, but that'd be the gold standard for me.)

        • Kazoogrrl says:

          One nice thing about my brother is he's a clean freak, so he happily does dishes. We do the turkey, roast veg, cranberry sauce, rolls (heat and serve, baby!). J makes pie crust, I do the filling. Mom and Dad do stuffing and usually sauerkraut. Up in the air this year: sweet potatoes, so I may ask brother & GF to do them. The GF and family are Russian, so I don't want to enforce too much American tradition on them, but more of a "Hi, nice to meet you, please join us at the table".

          I am nervous about how the dog will be with a household of people.

          • RoseCamelia says:

            The full house will be hard on the dog. It's true for every dog.

            Maybe plan to allow/require the dog to spend most of the event behind a closed door with a crate to nest in. Crate door open or closed is up to you. You know your dog.

            There can be a dog-inclusive session after everyone has arrived. Once noisy arrivals and greetings have subsided, ask everyone to sit down. Explain your dog wants to meet them and wants to be a good girl/boy, but needs their help. They can help by being quiet and calm and still while you go release the dog. They can talk to the dog quietly.

            And remind them about consent! No touching dogs, or humans, by surprise. Offer a hand and wait for dog to step toward it. Touch must be the dog's idea. Accept No as an answer!

            If they are a small dog, accustomed to being carried, bring them in your arms for the first sight of the Room Full of People. Then set them on the floor and let the sniffing and petting begin. Dog will need you to provide/enforce a return to the quiet room and crate after a while. They'll tell you when, either by an anxious seeking or by bad behavior.

            You are a good dog guardian. Just ask your dog. They'll tell you you're the very bestest in the whole world.

    • jenavira says:

      GOOD LUCK with job applications. University jobs are usually a pretty sweet deal if you can get them; you will be awesome and wow them completely in the interview, I am sure.

    • Lee Thomson says:

      The trouble I am finding with family is that they never come one at a time… Always in pairs or quartets, or even more! I hope you can make it work out somehow, and not lose your composure or your mind along the way.

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        Thanks! I'm really glad I didn't message my brother's "didn't know you two had broken up" ex-GF, since she's been at Thanksgiving at our place the last 7 years.

  9. LaxMom says:

    So Teengirl is failing history (she is getting a 13%, and has not turned in a damn thing all quarter). She won't speak to her teachers, and I still haven't gotten her to GO to her final karate class. I swear it's almost throw her over my shoulder and go time.

    Teenboy went to register for college/hs combo classes (for next semester, his LAST semester of high school, and he's been doing the combo classes for two years now) and they won't let him due to a tuition bill. Which the school district was supposed to pay and hasn't. And nobody knows why, but the treasurer is on vacation, of course. And if this is related to last Spring and his permanent record, I am going to get the lawyer back to go all medieval on their ass…just as soon as I get my retainer back from the custody lawyer to pay it to the school district fighting lawyer from last year….FML.
    The only good thing is that we caught this before the college applications go out in 3 weeks, so if the school screwed up his record/reneged on their deal we can fix it. But if this messes with his college applications, heads will fucking roll.

    Teenboy is also doing props for the school play this weekend.

    Thyroid doc upped my meds but not before I went 3 days without due to new Rx, and I"m wiped out.

  10. mowinda says:

    I took an introductory archery class during the summer (just one of those 1 hour "here's how to not kill yourself with an arrow" things that goes over basic safety and positioning) and on Sunday I actually called to reserve a lane for myself at the place and went and shot arrows! One of the staff members had to help me with correct posture etc a few times and for the first time in my LIFE I didn't immediately feel like a terrible failure and embarrassed that I needed help. It was good! I'm going to go again!

  11. redheadfae says:

    Yay Joey! I thoroughly enjoyed his show Episodes in which he played himself, Matt LeBlanc, aging former sitcom star. It's over now, so it should hit Netflix or something.
    I cried and cried (short but really teary) yesterday over several things, and just felt fucking fragile, which isn't much me (I rarely cry at all). But it was odd, it came on after I left the doc's office in which my NP gave me full attention and kept asking about each issue, "What can I do to help?" It's a welcome relief from "We can't do anything to help you." But in thinking it over and the sudden rush of tears, I realized it was *kindness* that had me blubbering. As if I didn't feel I deserved for a professional to show me kindness. Revelations, eh?
    I had a frightening high blood pressure and dizziness/head zaps incident last night, but I seem okay today. It's on the list to speak to the new psychiatrist/med pro tomorrow. Between that and the constant diarrhea (sorry), Cymbalta may not be for me after all.

    • CleverManka says:

      Boo. Cymbalta is the one that gave me terrible stomach aches. Sorry it didn't work for you either.

      I understand that feeling of crying at kindness. I think it says a lot about our physical frailty that we're both so emotionally tender.

      • redheadfae says:

        I think I've given it almost four months, so that's a fair trial for sure, and my emotions aren't much better, I'm just not suicidal as often.

        I was talking this over with Jbird the other night, and I've thought a lot about how almost all of us in our former troop (as well as other dancers I know well in other places) have so many immunity or mysterious illnesses. Have we all encountered a common "toxin" that affected each of us differently? Is it a metaphysical thing that dancers have in common just because of the energy we work through? So many things to think about.

    • Heathered says:

      Ugh, I've eliminated–pun semi-intended?–Celexa and Zoloft on that same basis, and so far Wellbutrin is not any better. Maybe organized emotions only happen for me with horrible stomach squonching.

      • redheadfae says:

        I'm so sorry you're having the same problem. How long have you been on the Wellbutrin? I tried it once before and thought the brain zaps were coming from it, but I now know that my former shrink let me cold turkey off the Paxil and that was more likely the cause.

        • Heathered says:

          I'm just in my first week, so the stomach stuff could be residual from tapering off Zoloft. I have definitely felt weird all week, though. One elephant leg and one bird leg? Totally fine until you have to walk somewhere. :/ (Ugh, and I so feel you on the kindness reaction. I try to recall the exchange from The Breakfast Club: "Why are you being so nice to me?" "Because you're letting me," and remember the benefits flow both ways, but that doesn't stop me from bawling.)

          • redheadfae says:

            Yah. I tried to sort it out with my therapist today, but I just felt more complicated by my lack of connection with my emotions. Ugh.
            So, yes, serotonin mostly exists in our gut, so these drugs do affect that first. 95%, can you believe it? Another 3% is in our platelets, so that leaves only 2% is in the brain. All this from my new shrink, so he's taking me 90 days to off the Cymbalta, and a genetic test (Genscript) to find out what will work better, based on my genetic history! Science! I like! We'll see how this works out, especially with my possibility of BiPolar instead of just Depression/Anxiety (which is off the charts).

          • Heathered says:

            Oh wow, I like that you're getting such a close look at things to try and find the best meds. All fingers and toes crossed for Prince Charming to find you before you're fully toaded out.

          • redheadfae says:

            If you feel like diving into some info on the AD withdrawals, and that weird "not really dizzy, but not stable" effect, here's an amazing forum I found:

            It's very thorough:

          • Heathered says:

            I'm late in thanking you for these links, but thank you so much. I get incredibly overwhelmed by information about medications, but while this stuff is detailed it hits on the general as well as the specific, and I was able to read some of it without getting fully wound up. That was really helpful.

    • Lee Thomson says:

      I can stand up to a lot of things but if someone asks me "how are you" and means it, I'll just crumple. I hope you can get to believe you deserve kindness and professional attention – you absolutely do.

    • redheadfae says:

      UPDATE: Today (Thurs) was another teary day, but at least this time I did it in my therapist's office. I was talking about my poor mum's past, back when she was poor and an unwanted orphan.
      On a better note: My new psychiatrist is using science(!!) to find out what med will help by using a genetic testing. He also explained how 95% of serotonin is in our guts, with 3% in platelets, so only 2% is actually in the brain. The more you know… also the reason why most medications give gut issues as a side effect. Anyway, due to the possible BiPolar and waiting on a sleep log result, plus a possible sleep study, we are only taking me slowly off Cymbalta and them we'll see with the Genscript results what may be our next drug trial.

  12. freshwaterpearl says:

    I've been kind of stuck in a rut all year, and lately I've realized that one thing that is making me sad is how much I miss the Toastie community, so I'm going to try to come around here more often.

    Today I'm actually doing very well! I did a bunch of volunteering for the mayoral race in my city, the first time in twelve years we haven't had an incumbent running for re-election, and my candidate won in a landslide. Also I have some writing getting published this month. I haven't gotten much sleep, and the month is jam-packed with obligations; the political ones start up again immediately, since I'm having a house meeting next week to help recruit people to get engaged in the February caucuses. And I'm kind of stumped on what to do about my career. But the electoral success helps a lot.

    • CleverManka says:

      Yay! Thank you for coming by! I hope you find some connections here that make up a teensy bit what we all miss from The Toast.

      Congratulations on your candidate's win!

    • Kazoogrrl says:

      Thanks for doing the feet-on-the-ground work! I volunteered for a city councilperson candidate last year (he won), though it was office work only as I hate talking to people.

    • Lee Thomson says:

      Here is your membership card to be a Mankanaut! Welcome!

      The political news today has been so much better than I expected, I feel like I've been cheerful all day even though I've forgotten my phone at the post office and my wallet at home. Long day!

  13. snickies says:

    The weather all week has been grey and blah, which made me feel pretty grey and blah in general especially since work has been dragging lately. But today was gloriously sunny and crisp and I had to walk around outside a bunch for work reasons so that has helped me feel much better. Tonight I'm just going to get cozy with blankets and some knitting.

  14. Flitworth says:

    Husband is not supporting my idea of creating a tinder account for one of the goats. So I might see what it takes to make my own farm mating app…current name fav: Goatseek

  15. exitpursuedbyaclaire says:

    I'm also on the NaNo train this year, and it's going much better than last year! As of this year, over the course of all NaNoWriMos I've ever done, I've written more than 300,000 words, which is pretty great to think about.

    I've also decided I'm going to apply for Viable Paradise next year, a sci-fi/fantasy writers' retreat that sounds absolutely amazing. I have a book-in-progress that I'm proud enough of to submit, but I'll need to do some serious work on what I've written so far to make it as good as possible. Something to look forward to after NaNoWriMo!

  16. Fancy_Pants says:

    Hellooooo from Argentina. I have missed you all so I'm commenting even though it's super late! Travel has been wonderful and busy and exhausting and overwhelming and beautiful and totally banal, as it always is.

    We were starting to feel vaguely demoralized, but then we realized that we are…starving? Because we have been too busy? To have regular meals? So to fix that, dinner last night was an enormous pile of lamb and ice cream, and dinner tonight was an enormous steak and ice cream, and we are devoting tomorrow to eating three solid meals (and ice cream), and finding the best chocolate in town.

    • Rillquiet says:

      Somewhere there's a line about how if everyone around you is terrible, you need food, water, a nap, or all three. Congrats on figuring out which one you needed!

      Meat + ice cream + dulce de leche is a pretty great diet, AFAIAC. Enjoy and know that we are envious.

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        My partner, who spent time as a Ranger (like a mediator almost) at Burning Man and local events. He's the one who got me to do the hungry/thirsty/tired check when I'm at the end of my rope and everything is the worst.

  17. Lee Thomson says:

    I found Doc Paradise! They are terrific! We took to the sea! And we froze, and were deeply uncomfortable, and were amazed and delighted by weather and we saw WHALES (Megaptera Novangliae – long winged New Englanders aka Humpbacks) and once ashore thawed out some and ate fish and talked for three hours (thank you Boston Legal Seafoods for patience).

    Each one of you I see face to face is a new revelation and delight. Doc Paradise and I talked of some kind of giant picnic/weekend a la Spacewitch devoted to Mankanauts.

    I am temporarily halted on the tarot, but I think I see what to do next.

  18. Onymous says:

    It took a couple pints but I got back into the system. Downside they handed me straight off to the medical side and I'll be trialing Zoloft for a bit, when what I meant to happen was just talking to a counselor first but I'm back in I have appointments now instead of trying to build up the nerve and the next appointment is with my NP that I know and like and can go from there.

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