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The woman on the left–style (and energy) goals for real.

It’s Friday! This week lasted FOREVER and I’m very much looking forward to resting. I would love to make it to the theater to see Ragnarok, but I also need to haul out my winter wardrobe (it’s getting reliably chilly here) and I’m not sure I have stamina for both. I always look forward to pulling out the winter clothes–I love layers-and-boots time. What’s your preferred fashion season?

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  1. CleverManka says:

    I just (literally, just this morning) had an email conversation with Kazoogrrl about fashion and the new(ish?) trend toward modest dressing in couture. She sent me this article which was mocking Creatures of Comfort's Sequoia Dress which is, I agree, pretty horrible (I have never liked a gathered waist on anything). She also pointed me to this confusing garment. Which…most of those smocks don't even fit the dress form! Terrible, terrible. Erin McKean recently posted a dress on her blog that serves a similar function as that smock abomination but is a billion times better designed and fitted. If I gave a damn about pockets (I'm in the 1% of women who honestly do not care about pockets) I would buy this pattern in a heartbeat.

    The modest dressing thing is very interesting (and applicable) to me. I've swung toward modest dressing in the past few years, mostly because my body changes shape so unpredictably, rapidly, and enormously during the course of a day. A couple years ago I moved over to wearing exclusively loose-fitting knits (with leggings underneath). And honestly, I think it's contributed to my feeling more comfortable with and in my body, because I'm not constantly aware of how much I'm swelling.

    Someday when I have the energy I'm going to make myself a wardrobe similar to Ivey Abitz styles, cobbled largely from thriftstore stuff and sewn up, patchwork-style, to make a themed wardrobe that in my head I call "Apocalyptic Dickens Orphan." I think it'll go nicely with my combat boots.

    • vladazhael says:

      Someday when I have the energy I'm going to make myself a wardrobe similar to Ivey Abitz styles, cobbled largely from thriftstore stuff and sewn up, patchwork-style, to make a themed wardrobe that in my head I call "Apocalyptic Dickens Orphan." I think it'll go nicely with my combat boots.

      I love everything about this. 95% of the time, if I wear a dress, it's with combat boots. I'll just be over here drooling over the Ivey Abitz website.

    • meat_lord says:

      That article about modest dressing really resonates with me. I cover up my body not because I don't like it, nor because I think it's ugly, nor because I think it's a sin to be sexy or sexual, nor because of religious beliefs–none of those things are true in my case. I cover up my body because I don't want men to fucking look at it, and because it is mine and I want to visually convey that and because most masculine styles aren't that revealing anyhow.

    • Kazoogrrl says:

      I bought this dress on the recommendation of an online friend, and hello my new staple (in black). I'd like a more scooped or boat neck, but I can live. Next time I'll get the one with pockets. Comfy, I like the swing of the skirt, and I can layer a witchy cardigan over it, add a belt, and pick fun socks, or tights, or leggings to go with boots.

      I think my default mental outfit is a pair of slim pinstripe pants (I love stripes and pinstripes), a 3/4 sleeve knit shirt with a scoop or boat neck (or maybe a wrap top), a fitted leather jacket (moto style), and chunky low heeled boots. Late fall/early winter is my fav fashion season!

    • mowinda says:

      Loose fitting knits with leggings sounds like a dream come true (and I hope that's what we wear when we all start wearing uniforms like every sci fi movie ever has predicted). I'm always worried leggings aren't professional enough but I guess if I got ones that weren't like….for sleeping in…I could make it work

    • jenavira says:

      That article is hitting me in a raw place today (I spent…way too much time last night embroiled in the Roy Moore news (being a female-presenting person who has managed to escape the more egregious forms of sexual harassment, most of this particular news cycle doesn't hit me all that hard, but when I was a baby Pagan in an Evangelical town in the 90s, Roy Moore was the embodiment of everything that made me feel unsafe in the world, and this is Not Helping)) but it's come to my attention recently that people who didn't spend a lot of time in Evangelical circles don't have the same kneejerk reaction to the word "modesty."

      In the Evangelical world, "modesty" means "doing everything you can to avoid tempting men to sin." So despite the fact that I'm asexual and actually severely repulsed by anyone expressing a sexual interest in me, that I'm trying to figure out how to present more masculine in my daily life, clothes that disguise the figure – that could be described as "modest" – feel wrong on my body. I wear low-cut shirts and I like my pants tight. Wearing anything that covers up the fact that I have hips and breasts feels like doing as I'm told by people I loathe.

      (Which, huh, I did not explicitly realize before, but that certainly makes a few things clearer. My intense problem with gender-neutral fashion and body dysmorphia, for one thing. What to do about it I'm not sure, but. Anybody know of some good body-acceptance work for trans people?)

      It doesn't help that I wear my hair – well, like Leia on Hoth, which is where I got the style from, but it also looks traditional and conservative. I really need to get some unnatural colors into it, because I can tell I still read as "one of us" to Evangelicals sometimes, and that gives me hives.

      • CleverManka says:

        This is fascinating. I'm sorry you were exposed to the worldviews that got you here, but it's interesting to hear about this angle and your response to the issue. I hope someone here has suggestions for the body-acceptance stuff for trans people.

        For the hair, if you don't want to commit to coloring that long of hair, maybe braid something fun and colorful into it?

        • jenavira says:

          Hard same, but I've found explaining it helps (partly because it does make it clear that it's not a universal attitude). I count myself lucky; my family wasn't Evangelical, just the overall culture of the town I grew up in, so I didn't have to cut anybody off to get out of it.

          I've tried braiding stuff into my hair and honestly it makes me feel like I'm at a ren faire? Which is not always bad, but not really a daily Look. What I'm actually planning is using some temporary dye to color just one strand of the braid purple, and if I like that maybe going for a permanent dye.

          • Xolandra says:

            May I recommend weaves (cf:…)? You can get little hair clips that braid up super pretty. And because not washing them, they're always vibrant (even permanent vibrant colours tend to fade quickly) and you can change them easily.

          • jenavira says:

            ….OOOOOH, PRETTY. Thank you!

          • Kazoogrrl says:

            I've attached braids of yarn into my hair, or scarves, then braided it with my hair and wrapped it up. Inspired by Frida Kahlo and different hair styles from North Africa and the Middle East, but not a direct copy. My hair is pretty thin and fine, though, so I gave up on that and cut it all off (again).

            Also, I am familiar with and violently repulsed by the Evangelical version and execution of modesty, and it makes me want to be wildly flamboyant in contrast/protest.

      • vladazhael says:

        I have a similar aversion to the word "modest" in reference to style, though not quite as strong since I didn't grow up directly in the crosshairs of Evangelical nonsense. I think it irks me as a descriptor because even if I wear something concealing, modesty is not my goal and I don't appreciate the assumption that that's the only reason why a cis-woman and/or femme-presenting person would choose to cover up. It's the flipside of "she's only wearing that for attention".

        And I too have been paying close attention to the Roy Moore debacle (which could mean yesterday's story or just his existence as a person; dealer's choice). We're trying to make him go away, I swear, but so much of this fucking state is just so fucking dumb… It's possible this latest thing will disgust just enough people to sway the vote, but I'm not counting on it, and even if he does lose it'll be by way too close a margin for my comfort. Fuck this place; I'm getting out.

        • jenavira says:

          It's the flipside of "she's only wearing that for attention". Yes! It's still putting all the emphasis on "what is she thinking about how men will see her," which, no.

          I have so much sympathy for people who are dealing with – well, not just with Roy Moore, but with Alabama politics generally. I wish you all the best of luck for the next month to get through this. (And I'll be throwing some money Doug Jones's way this weekend.)

          • vladazhael says:

            Thank you. It's rough. Whichever way it goes, I'm very glad to have an exit strategy. I've had about as much Alabama as I need, thankyouverymuch.

    • Xolandra says:

      I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS ABOUT THIS ARTICLE. And no time in which to articulate them, because I literally only came here to brag about how I am killing my job today. So a few points, I guess.

      Mostly, tho, what strikes me about that article is just how shitty the women spoken to are being to people who aren't choosing to dress how they dress. Because no, I would _not_ choose to go out in mumus and caftans if I could; I spent a lot of my life not having any other option because of how shitty we are to humans of size in our society, and it is really, really nice for me to be able to walk down the street in something fetching. I love getting compliments on my style, the boners I induce are incidental to the thing that i am doing.

      Also relevant: modest styles tend to be more available to skinnier humans. Like, I could wear a mumu and you'd still be able to work out that I have boobs, yo (this was true 70 lbs ago as well). I feel like there is something here, but again, no time to parse.

      I am also fascinated at how nott shitty the people being spoken to are being about modesty, especially in the light of what is happening in Quebec right now (women being forbidden face-coverings when accessing public services). I don't have time to parse it right now, but something about islamophobia, probably. And i have a hard time with the statement "too many people get to enjoy it for this to be liberating" – like… maybe my liberation and your enjoyment can be happening at the same time? Idk, maybe not in patriarchy, but I remain hopeful.

      Finally, please have a look see at my extremely comfortable and not terribly modest outfit from last Saturday, because I know you like pics of us ♥

      • CleverManka says:

        That outfit is FANTASTIC! I am such a sucker for matching striped socks.

        I think you have a lot of good points here and I am too brain-fogged to respond properly but perhaps after my nap (counting down the minutes for real) I'll be more cogent.

        • Xolandra says:

          Aw, thank you!

          I look forward to cogent thoughts.

          • CleverManka says:

            Okay, well at least I'm awake now…I agree with you that the flowy, drapey stuff is lauded on skinny models, and the same can be said for skinny girls wearing schlubby sweatpants and dirty tee shirts while fat girls are excoriated for it. One is "effortless" and the other is "giving up." File under fatphobia for sure.

            And yeah, I could almost guarantee those voices lauding the modest movement of fashion would dwindle to nothing if you started putting actual hijabi in the fashion spreads.

            TBH I did not read the initial article very closely because the tone of it irritated me and I didn't want to spend the extra energy when I was already running low. Sounds like I made a good call.

      • Heathered says:

        Whoa, that outfit is so happy-making! Also, I'm calling Incidental Boners for a band name.

        • Xolandra says:

          Thank you! I thought so too, as you can prolly tell from the look on mah face 😉

          O DANG. That is a good band name. Good call.

      • mowinda says:

        Yeah I don't like how they never really addressed one of the main points that the tweet they referenced made which was that this kind of fashion serves very conventionally attractive (skinny) women and women with lots of money. I feel like when you're larger you have to look like you "care" about what you're wearing because otherwise people read it as being sloppy (whereas a thin person would look edgy or something).

        I feel like there's also a part of it that reminds me of those endless debates about makeup (which were talked about on here I think!) where they're addressing that "women are doing what they want" but not addressing the fact that we all live in a society and are affected by the culture and society around us, regardless of what we want

        • meat_lord says:

          Whoa, yes. A staggering amount of "fashion" or things that are parsed as stylish are considered sloppy or plain or otherwise not fashionable on a fat body (or, indeed, on anyone who is not rail-thin).

          I'd like to wear aggressively minimalistic, shapeless, and weird clothes, but I don't think it would be read as a deliberate stylistic choice on me. Sigh.

      • RoseCamelia says:

        'The button on my skirt reads "perchance I shall boil and bake thee", it is among my favourites.'

        You. You are among *my* favourites. (Canadian spelling intentional) What a badass Too Witches person you are.

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        Oh damn, that is so cute.

        And yes, I agree with the tone in this. And the pictures of North African and Middle Eastern women bothered me because of the Orientalism among Western photographers, so I want to know more about the context for these examples. A lot of photos taken then were WAY out of context. Usually it was the to the side of the eroticized and exoticized Other, and was often more for entertainment than anthropology.

      • snickies says:

        That outfit is GREAT and I love your socks so much!

  2. vladazhael says:

    I've been having a little bit of an identity questioning moment lately after repeatedly looking at my wardrobe and going "wow, this is starting to look overly conventional and not forbidding enough". But then I started gathering clothes for my trip and looked at what I had staged on the bed and it was just a pile of black and grey and more black and maybe some blue from the jeans. So I'm good, I guess. I'm too lazy to go full goth and too old for full grunge/punk to look as effortlessly cute as it used to and too angry to go full hippie, so I just take parts of those and sprinkle some nerd on it and also mostly wear jeans and fairly utilitarian shoes or boots because life happens. My boss once asked my how I'd define my personal style and I summed it up as "Do they have it in black?"

    Trip tomorrow. Please send good driving vibes, as I will be doing it all fucking day.

  3. mowinda says:

    WELP Brideshead Revisited made me cry yesterday so I guess I take back what I said last week

  4. Flitworth says:

    Not. At. Work. Today.

    Yesterday was amazing. I started putting stuff from the Murder shed (barn) on our property into a dumpster. I went into Cambridge and ate and shopped and I had a dental checkup/cleaning but I really like my dentist and the hygienist. The hygienist talked casually about her brother and his husband (gay marriage is still so new and in some spaces controversial that I get jazzed anytime it comes up) bought a place in Ireland and got sheep. I got to shop at H-mart!
    This morning I spent three hours throwing stuff into the dumpster and further deconstructing the murder shed and after lunch husband and I are going to see Ragnarok!!

    Thought/question: Is the Kevin Spacey erasure so swift because his actions were homosexual in nature? Because there's a fucking long list of predatory het shit and I have not seen anyone saying they won't hire Casey Affleck etc.

    • meat_lord says:

      Re: Kevin Spacey–yes, absolutely. The fact that men who have preyed on women & girls are not facing the same consequences is no accident.

      • Flitworth says:

        ug. I mean I knew but was hoping I was wrong, if that makes sense. I cannot grok why it even matters. Sexual predation is sexual predation is sexual predation.

    • CleverManka says:

      That sounds like a glorious yesterday.

      And also, yeah, I think the Kevin Spacey stuff is 100% due to homophobic shit. I'm sure some people will say it was because the age of the victims but Woody Allen and Roman Polanski sure negate that argument.

    • damngoodcoffee says:

      Re: Kevin Spacey, I'm assuming that's part of it, but I think timing is also a factor (re: Weinstein). The whole issue of what gets news coverage and what doesn't is gross.

    • jenavira says:

      That sounds like an awesome yesterday and today, congratulations! I hope the rest of your weekend continues as awesome.

    • Flitworth says:

      I forgot to mention: my small MA town's Facebook page hit Peak White yesterday! Some dude asked for help finding out who scratched his Porsche 911.

      Eat the rich.

      Ragnarok was great!

    • redheadfae says:

      Louis CK just got outed and shunned pretty quickly for being a shit to women. Probably because he's not a power person in Hollywood.

  5. Heathered says:

    Fall clothes = best clothes. Good coverage but not suffocating. The other day it was cold/windy and I went out to get a paper wearing Teva hiking shoes, brown trousers that are too short so I let the hem out & they're all ratty on the bottom, my black rain jacket & a stripey wool/fleece hat. I joked to myself that when I got hope it would be good to get a fire going in an oil barrel to warm my hands by, but at the bookstore a man complimented me on my hat from a distance, then came around the counter and exclaimed over me like I was in a Vera Wang wedding gown. This same guy did the same thing to me at Safeway in the frozen foods section over the summer. Pretty sure we're gonna end up married before too long.

  6. damngoodcoffee says:

    It's relatively quiet at work today, don't know why, though. I have a class in a couple of hours and had a meeting earlier, but other than that I used my time to laze around in my office, because I'm coming in for a shift tomorrow and I don't mind leaving stuff 'til then.

    After work tomorrow I'm going to my coworker/friend's place b/c she's having a fall party. Which is nice but a bit awkward, as all the people coming other than me are friends of her fiance. They're all a pretty tight-knit group who've known each other since college. So I'll be making small talk for a bit before I excuse myself (which I would actually have to do anyway- they have two cats and I can only stay a certain amount of time before the benadryl I'll have taken to deal starts making me loopy).

    Anyway, nothing too exciting going on generally. I was glad I went out and actually found my new polling place on Tuesday, as one of the local candidates I voted for won by only 4%. Overall voting results were pretty heartening, from everything I've seen thus far.

    • CleverManka says:

      Best of luck at the party. That sounds…erm. At least you can go right after work so you won't have the opportunity to talk yourself out of going once you got home which is exactly what I would do.

      • damngoodcoffee says:

        Oh yeah, definitely going straight from work (it would be esp. hard to get me out again when it's this freaking cold outside). I've met some of these people before and they're very nice; they're just all also clearly part of this one group who see each other all the time and have all the inside jokes, etc. They're all also very into multi-player board games with complicated rules and I am… not. But I do like my coworker and don't want her to feel weird about me not going, so yeah. I'm also planning to make these cookies to bring:… though mine will have sultanas instead of chocolate chips.

        • CleverManka says:

          I don't know why that link won't load but I know exactly the recipe you mean because I made it several times before I had to give up the delights of eating. =b That recipe is the bomb. I love it.

    • jenavira says:

      Good luck at the party. Since I always struggle with this myself, as an introvert who hates trying to break into other people's friend groups: I give you permission, if you want, to leave as early as you so desire, or to stay as late as you choose.

      • damngoodcoffee says:

        Thanks 🙂 It's been a really stressful time recently, actually, pretty much all work-related (just being understaffed and too busy w/o a break basically since late August), and I just don't have the energy reserves I might otherwise have to get at all enthused about this party.

  7. CleverManka says:

    I'm unsure if I'd be charmed or creeped out by that dude (I remember you mentioned him, I think?). I hope he doesn't give off weirdo douche vibes.

  8. LaxMom says:

    All the leaves fell off the last of the trees yesterday. So today, of course…cue lake effect snow!!

    Winter. Tights and sweaters and scarves and gauntlets and over the knee socks and ALL THE KNITTED THINGS.

    I fell down the stairs yesterday and my shoulders/back are coming out in all pretty shades of purple. Don't put your socks on before spraying detangler on your hair and then try to walk down the wooden stairs.

    Things are tough with the Teens. I am losing patience.

  9. Heathered says:

    I thought side fx from my third-try brain med were going to be weird but fairly benign. Then yesterday I was planning to stay home and rest and just get my minimum word count in for NaNo on what I very clearly established was a queer romantic comedy that would have no explicit sex in it, but instead I wrote 5000 words of straight-up porn. Sigh. Maybe not so benign. If it lasts more than 4 hours do I call a doctor?

    • meat_lord says:

      I mean… that doesn't exactly sound like a bad side effect 😛 (unless, of course, you're finding it to be unpleasant and undesired).

    • CleverManka says:

      I agree with meat_lord. TIME WELL SPENT! Follow your heart! Or at least places somewhat south of your heart…

    • jenavira says:

      Any medication side effect that gets you writing 5000 words of anything is a plus in my book. And hey, just because you wrote it doesn't mean it has to go in the final draft, right?

      (Obviously if you are finding it distressing this does not apply, I've had jittery logomania from meds before and it's not always fun.)

    • Flitworth says:

      Look if it's porn you're happy with….:) grants on word count!

    • Heathered says:

      I was most concerned about this possibility & not happy about how it showed up. If it passes quickly I'll stick with the meds, but yeah, not good for me right now.

  10. Kazoogrrl says:

    This week I cried over: election results, Moana reo Maori, the Sporkful's two part story on a sandwich shop in Aleppo. Also, our friends who were just approved to foster unaccompanied minors coming in from Central America and who just got their first two kids. In all instances, crying because it's people out there doing the work and making a difference. It makes my super-non-compassionate heart grow, well, a size or two.

    This weekend is dance practice, going to a small alpaca fiber festival, and starting the thorough house cleaning. Oh, podcasting Sunday, where I get to meet my co-hosts new cat Mr. Wednesday.

    Also, can't remember if I said this Wed, but I decided after T-day I'm going on strike at home. I'm putting down as much of the emotional and physical labor that I can, short of the house going to complete shit. J can fend for himself. I'm trying to work out how to most energy efficiently feed myself, mainly. There are other, better places I need to be directing my energy right now.

    • jenavira says:

      Alpaca fiber festival! I went to one of those last summer and had such a great time. Pet lots of alpacas for us. <3

      I applaud your home-strike decision. Your energy is yours; spend it in a way that gets you the things you want.

    • CleverManka says:

      Good for you, putting down the emotional labor that's costing you too much. I hope J picks up the slack and figures out how to hold up his end of the household.

    • Flitworth says:

      Don't buy an alpaca! It's 100% a ponzi scheme. 🙂

      I hate crying but my therapist keeps telling me it's healthy in many cases so I hope it was the good kind.

      • Lee Thomson says:

        says the person with the goats, plural!

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        There where even friendly ones, and by friendly I mean only interested in being fed (you could buy feed from their owners to give to them).

        Mostly little bouts of weepiness, which are not bad but tend to happen at inopportune times, which means I need to stop reading heartwarming things while sitting at my desk.

    • Absotively says:

      I'm trying to work out how to most energy efficiently feed myself, mainly.

      This is a thing I have been trying to do recently. Here's a bit on what has been working for me, feel free to ignore if it's not helpful.

      Breakfast: Same thing every day. Oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, salt, brown sugar, peanut butter, milk. Only change since I was about twelve is the addition of peanut butter, tbh. If I'm feeling ambitious, I make overnight oats with sunflower seeds instead of peanut butter. They're no more work total, and less work in the morning, but they do require advance planning.

      Lunch: I suck at lunch. Either I have sandwiches, or I make something simple on the weekend and have it all week, or (most often) I end up buying junk food from the convenience store across the street. The "make something simple" category often means tofu stir-fry, with frozen "stir-fry mix" vegetables and bottled sauce. And instant brown rice.

      Snacks: Yogurt and jam, or fruit and a cheesestring, or tortilla chips and salsa. I've been buying pre-cut fruit. I know it's an overpriced waste of plastic, but if I buy pre-cut fruit I eat most of it, and if I buy whole fruit it rots in the fridge.

      Dinner: A protein, a starch, and a vegetable. I make two nights' worth of protein and starch at once and have leftovers the next day, but I don't know if that would work for you or if J would poach leftovers. Protein is some sort of meat that's been frozen in individual servings, like preseasoned chicken breasts or marinated fish fillets or sausages. Starch is potatoes (I use the instant pot, microwave "baked" potatoes might work) or white rice or instant brown rice. I've been meaning to branch out and try pasta and/or toast. Vegetable is either microwaved frozen vegetables or pre-washed romaine salad mix and bottled salad dressing.

      Sweets: Ice cream sandwiches or boughten cookies.

      The main point, for me, is that if I can buy something pre-made and it's not too unappetizing or unhealthy or expensive, then I do. I always feel like I should be making stuff from scratch, or buying bulk chicken pieces and freezing them myself, or whatever, but when I'm trying to save my energy that "should" is a trap.

      • RoseCamelia says:

        I like your structure here. Thanks for sharing. I think I need to learn from you. And "should" is always a trap, in my experience.

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        This is actually very similar to what I do, even down to having the same breakfast every workday morning. I cook a bit more ambitiously but it's also because I like it and it makes leftovers for lunches. He actually usually ignores leftovers unless it's sausages, so I might actually do ok on that. I'm thinking of maybe making a few mains and basic veg on Sunday and then portioning out 5 lunches for the week. Right now boring sounds fine by me.

        • Absotively says:

          I don't actually mind cooking, but I'm bad at actually doing it when I plan to, and I'm worse at cleaning up after.

          I read a thing recently about the Can-Opener Cookbook and how in the fifties convenience foods were seen as sort of making time-consuming cooking more optional, and then I was reminded that one of my grandmas and my aunt (her daughter) both were very basic cooks and both had a housekeeper come in once a week or so, and it all kind of came together in a feeling that maybe I'd like to put even less effort into domestic stuff unless I really enjoy it. Right now, that means pre-made food work better for me. (And also that I'm going to look into housecleaners once I finish KonMari-ing. Right now I feel like I have too much clutter to ask anyone to sweep around it.)

          • Kazoogrrl says:

            My mom's mom loved convenience foods, and she definitely saw it as a way to get out of kitchen drudgery. She also worked out of the home, and my mom remembers having to get dinner started before Nana came home from work. My dad grew up on a farm so my grandmother was cooking, mostly from scratch, for a large family. I remember he said she didn't bake her own bread because it was cheaper to buy at the store than to do all the work, but most of their food was home cooked. She also canned, and kept a large garden. I think I tend to get my, "You just take care of these things on your own" attitude from her and my dad, and also I'm trying not to lean on convenience food too much for health reasons (though I do keep emergency back ups in the house!).

    • Lee Thomson says:

      Solidarity on the domestic strike – may it bring you clarity and a reduced workload, and possibly even a better appreciation of you, personally.

      • Kazoogrrl says:

        Today I came back from attending a fiber festival and he had knocked off a bunch of things from the weekend to-do list without me having to mention it. He might suspect something's up.

  11. jenavira says:

    I have been burying myself in Ravelry instead of doing work for oh, the past three weeks, so I could not be more ready for proper cold weather. (It's snowing here today!) Also while sorting out my yarn stash last weekend I found a whole sweater's worth of yarn I didn't know I had! So clearly I need to get knitting.

    Some day I will once again get up with enough time before work to eat my breakfast and get at least a little organized. Some day. But not today. (On the other hand, today I discovered that I can go from bed to work in forty-five minutes flat, which I did not previously think was possible.)

    • CleverManka says:

      Hurray for cutting down your to-work time! A long time ago I resolved myself to just bringing breakfast to work in addition to my lunches. Basically I just bring up a whole backpack full of food at the beginning of the week. =D

      • jenavira says:

        Hah, I'm honestly not sure it's a good thing, I used to take two and a half hours from bed to work, just to give myself time to get my head sorted out in the morning. This is more Emergency Measures, but what can you do?

        I should start bringing breakfast to work, though, that would cut down a lot of hassle. And save me from so many Dunkin Donuts trips.

        • Kazoogrrl says:

          I also take breakfast to work: hardboiled egg, fresh cut up veggies, and a pickle. I picked it up when eating paleo, and the low carbs works for me in the morning.

          • jenavira says:

            …morning is the ideal time to go low-carb, isn't it? (Even if bagels are delicious.) Hm.

          • Kazoogrrl says:

            We have a local bagel shop that had a very iconic owner and a fucking fantastic smoked salmon selection. He sold the business to one of his workers when diagnosed with cancer, and when the young guy reopened it, I started crying when I walked back in. It looked and smelled exactly the same! The original owner recently passed away, but the shop is in good hands, and I know I'm going to cry again when I walk in. I've heard reports it's a common occurrence.

            Which is to say, yes, bagels are delicious.

  12. faintlymacabre says:

    Ugh, clothes. I have gone through cycles of enjoying buying and wearing clothes and hating it with all the fiber (badumdum) of my being. I am in a hate cycle. Apparently, the ex hated the way I dress, a fun fact from the relationship dissolution. I am really trying to get his voice out of my head. But I like summer dressing. Tanks, shorts sandals and out. Easy peasy.

    In other news, have done lots of projects around the house and am immensely enjoying the monastic fantastic life style. Job will have to be procured at some point, but… later.

  13. Absotively says:

    I don't know!

    I finished KonMari-ing bottoms, and I kept a lot of skirts that I think would look great with leggings. I own almost no leggings. Maybe my preferred fashion season is the season where I can where those without leggings?

    Although really, I am not mindful enough of my clothing to wear the witchy miniskirt without leggings anyways.

    The good news is I have six pairs of pants to get me through the cold season despite my lack of leggings. And only three of them need repairs!

  14. exitpursuedbyaclaire says:

    My preferred wardrobe is the summer, when I wear nerdy or tie-dye baggy t-shirts plus baggy shorts plus good strappy sandals I can walk for miles in. I don't understand clothes and layering, so the more layers are required, the more I worry. But I've come to like fall and winter more now that I have a pea coat I actually like. Nice and form-fitting and black.

  15. faintlymacabre says:

    On the subject of clothing, does anyone have jeans recommendations? Ideally on the cheaper side?

    • Absotively says:

      I like Old Navy jeans. I found a pair while sorting pants, and am wearing them today, and they are better than I remembered. And they're definitely cheap.

      Though they've discontinued the particular style I'm wearing, according to their website, so I don't know how different the new ones are.

      • jenavira says:

        Seconded. They swap out styles insanely fast, as befits a cheap/fashionable line, but the current run have almost no stretch in them (which I like and resent that I can't find more often, they last longer).

    • Lee Thomson says:

      I've been having good luck in the dudes section of Target, and then adding a stretch of elastic across the back to keep them on my butt. They have the BEST pockets, and are more durable than my recent experiences in the women's dept.

    • Kazoogrrl says:

      I just got some Old Navy straight legged womens, which are fitted and not too loose from the knees down. They have regular and curvy versions, and three lengths. I'm in a 12 short, though I am usually a 16 *rolls eyes at sizing*, and I have a 30" inseam.

  16. meat_lord says:

    To no one's surprise, winter is my favorite fashion season. I love coats and boots, and it's easier to fit a binder/conceal curves under winter clothes.

    …ugh, I need to buy more pants. The thighs keep giving out.

  17. snickies says:

    Fall/winter is my favourite fashion season I think. I love wearing colourful tights with my skirts and all my knitted items that are too hot for the summer. I have so many shawls and sweaters y'all and now it's their time to shine.

  18. redheadfae says:

    I like switching to tights and boots every year. Boots mean I don't need an ankle brace and can walk better. Fall/winter clothing is my fave for the wonderful soft textures.
    I would like summer better if it were kinder to my body type for clothing. I can't wear most summer fashions because boobs. And in most offices, my summer work wardrobe looked a lot like my winter/spring transition because AC. Ugh.
    This year I found some of those wonderful, more modest light flowy dresses and I was so much more comfortable.
    I love scarves as accessories, too. My wardrobe is all stretch/all the time, to include my jeans. Thanks, body.

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