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Hello, beloveds. Amy is still having a rough time, so no history lesson this week. I had hoped to type up something for today but I didn’t even manage to get my winter clothes out this weekend–hopefully the temps won’t drop too much more before I make a second attempt at switching wardrobes. I wasn’t even up to doing laundry (which might become a problem exciting opportunity of wardrobe choices mid-week).

In response to one of our conversations in Friday’s open thread, here’s Saturday’s outfit for morning appointments and errand-running before I returned to pajamas when I got home. Apologies for the filthy mirror and shitty lighting. If I’m going to be doing this on the regular, I need to figure out better how to light the mirror area (because the mirror itself is like 5×5 feet, solidly attached to a wall, and not going anywhere).

Skull print scarf from Signals catalog, years ago (does anyone else love the Signals catalog in that kinda-cringing old-lady-liberal way?).

Socks from Sockdreams (again, ages ago–I think they’re the slouch socks that are supposed to go over the knee but OTK socks never stay there for me).

Boots are Double-H, in their tragically discontinued Jump Boot style (I bought three extra pairs when I found out they weren’t going to make them anymore and the pair I have on here are ten years old and resoled twice so I’m going to be wearing these–if not this particular pair–well into my seventies).

Everything else is thrifted. So basically you can’t buy any of these things so I’m not sure why I even included that information but that’s what all the Fancy Style Blogs I used to follow did.

You can’t tell in the pic, but I have a long, short-sleeved black tee under the gray ratty-bottomed top because it was fucking freezing when I left the house that morning and also I love the visual texture of layering. The top is a super soft waffle knit (it’s actually a pajama top) that I love but has holes in it, so I just pass that off as part of my style’s ~offbeat charm~.

If I can get the mirror and lighting situation figured out, I’ll do my best to take outfit photos for those of you who asked for it in Friday’s open thread. Maybe I’ll put a weekly photoset on Tumblr and let people here know when those go up.

Amy frequently posts pictures of her outfits on her Twitter and they’re delightful. I’d love to see more people’s ensembles. Everybody thinks their own clothes are boring, but my closet is just a parade of gray and faded black with an occasional shot of brown or army green and I still get comments on my outfits (I think it’s the usually the boots because ngl I have some fucking awesome boots).

But anyway, feel free to use this as an Open Thread or post your selfies or whatever. It’s another got-a-lot-on-my-plate Monday so I won’t be around.

Oh, oh! Before I forget, the second round of postcards went out today. If you didn’t get a card in the first round and forgot to send me your address, I still have cards and stamps (and just found a stash of great stickers) so email me your address and I’ll send it out when I can.

Thanks for being here! I’ll catch up with you on Wednesday.

(there is the possibility of no Tumblr collection this week, too–I haven’t missed a week in over a year and that makes me sad but alas, food prep takes precedence and I might not have energy for both)






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  1. littleinfinity says:

    I am the worst at taking outfit selfies! The mirror lighting situation, for one, and also the fact that my room is always a huge mess in the background (hello, I am a clothing-pile-aholic and cannot be trusted to pick up after myself). But I would love to see everyone's style choices and maybe I'll figure out how to do a better job of this whole selfie thing. Relatedly, what are recommendations for image hosting on the internet so that I can share pics here? Imgur? Flickr? Others? I usually just put things on facebook or instagram, can I link to those here?

    Also in big outfit news… I bought a wedding dress this weekend!!!!1!! flailing hands. It is pretty much exactly what I had envisioned and it makes my butt look awesome so I'm stoked. It actually took me two tries… the dress I ended up with was the first one I tried on and I really loved it, but then I tried on a bunch of others and second-guessed myself and bought a different one… went home and couldn't stop thinking about The One That Got Away for two days and was obsessing over it… finally gathered my courage and went back to the shop and said I WANT THAT ONE INSTEAD. So, I felt a little like a tool changing my mind, but now I am very happy and I also have an unused lace wedding dress to sell if anyone needs that sort of thing. \_:)_/ #noragrets

    • meat_lord says:

      Yay wedding dress! I would love to see it.

    • Lee Thomson says:

      Yay!! having a dress you like is so nice! And honestly I don't think you're tool for changing to one you like best.

      I can't tell you what to use for pictures – I was a cheerful Flickr user for a long time, and then they kept changing hands and decreasing support for the things I wanted to do and now I am not even sure when my pro account stops… I have Instagram, and it connects pretty seamlessly to FB, Tumblr and Twitter, so I can cross post pix that way. I can also stick a IG widget on my blog so the most recent pix show up on the sidebar. But I don't know how to show an IG photo here. Imgur is just a foreign land…

    • CleverManka says:

      Image hosting sites is like the most ridiculous problem. I still use Flickr for stuff that I want archived, but I hate it and I wish I didn't have nearly 1,000 photos on it. I don't know if you can hotlink FB or Instagram images here. I know Tumblr images work.

      Congratulations on the dress! I think going back for what you wanted is the opposite of being a tool.

      • littleinfinity says:

        I think I figured out Flickr, see my reply to meat_lord above for pics! Gahh the internet, why are you this way.

        I'm super happy with my decision to go back now and feel not at all tool-like! But definitely had a moment of tail-between-my-legs coming back like, hi, I have made the wrong choice. I'm really happy that I recognized that and was able to fix it, though, and that I gave myself permission to have a "do-over" instead of just living with the choice I made and being bummed about it. So that is the silver lining of personal growth here.

        I forgot to say that I love your outfit, it looks effortlessly hip and give-no-fucks in a way that I very much aspire to.

  2. damngoodcoffee says:

    I do not take outfit selfies, mostly because I never feel quite right in what I have on, and also because some of the outfits I like best are ones that I know I would not feel comfortable in. I love skirts, for instance, but I know I would feel super uncomfortable/not myself in skirts, even ones with leggings underneath. My whole 'non-outfit' thing is especially prevalent in the winter months, b/c I live in MA and walk to and from work, and am, on the average day, wearing 2 pairs of pants and 3-4 shirts. I do, however, very much like your outfit in the photo, and am also a fan of black/gray combos in general. I love wearing lots of black/gray with maybe little splotches of color, but sometimes I feel out of place about it when others wear such colorful things.

    Re: signals; I have definitely enjoyed that catalog in the past, and I very much like just looking through catalogs in general, as an activity. The woman who lived in my place before me must have signed up for the Vermont Country catalog, b/c I still get it and it's amazing.

    • Lee Thomson says:

      I'm pretty sure you are not my kid because they're in Boston, but that many shirts and pairs of pants is deeply familiar!! Also the doubt around skirts. They've found a couple dresses with pockets that they say can be worn with jeans or other pants, and they made off with some old lined jeans from high school to improve the insulation factor.

    • CleverManka says:

      I tried really hard to dress in colors for a while, but I honestly felt uncomfortable and not myself in them. I'll occasionally mix in something in a dusky red or purple but otherwise I'm much happier dressing in black/gray/camouflage. So I completely understand not feeling yourself in skirts.

      I adore the Vermont Country Store catalog! Do they still have hand drawings of all the items instead of photographs?

      • damngoodcoffee says:

        I don't think they do have the hand drawings, sadly (at least, not that I can remember from the last catalog). But they have so much delightfully weird stuff there! Last time I checked they were selling butter mints. When were those even a thing?

        • CleverManka says:

          I remember being so tempted by their amazing collection of scented soaps.

        • RoseCamelia says:

          Butter mints were in the candy dishes of my mother and all the mothers of my friends in the early 1970s. These women may have learned it from their mothers in the 1950s.

          I knew we were expecting company if I saw a box of butter mints when unpacking the bags my mother brought home from that week's grocery shopping. We children were allowed to finish the butter mints after the guests had gone – but not all at once.

  3. meat_lord says:

    You look great, Manka! (Also, I do love the Signals catalog…. my mom used to get it and I perused it avidly as a kid.)

    Today's outfit is unremarkable: black slacks, black loafers, vintage black top w/ diamond pattern in white. I've got about two inches of dark brown roots showing, and the rest of my hair is a godawful "hey, all my red dye washed out, what gives??" color. I do have sparkly blue nail polish that hasn't chipped yet, though.

    Mankanauts, I am torn about my next hair dye decision. Should I aim for a deeply unnatural white-blonde? Dark red? Should I hack off all the bleached/dyed parts and see how many more gray hairs I've grown since I last saw my natural color? (Let me take a brief moment to brag: If my parents are anything to go by, I will age incredibly handsomely. I'm looking forward to becoming a silver fox, haha.)

    • littleinfinity says:

      I have to vote for the "checking out the gray hairs" option, only because in the last two weeks my fiance has done this (stopped dyeing/ grown out his hair) and I think it looks awesome! So, one vote for "natural" hair ๐Ÿ™‚ and if you look like a silver fox then all the better!

    • Lee Thomson says:

      I love the idea of an unnatural white blond! Mine is so short it feels oddly pointless to dye it at all, which I will get over soon I hope, because I want it navy blue.

      Here's gratitude to the handsome ageing genes we get!

      • meat_lord says:

        Dye it anyway! A short navy 'do sounds like one hell of a Look.

        I love white/platinum blonde hair so much, but the bleaching process is a pain, as is the upkeep. But… it looks so cool…

    • CleverManka says:

      Thank you! Yay for another Signals fan (yay mom catalogs!).

      You say the outfit is unremarkable but I think you're selling that vintage top a little short. It sounds great!

      I cannot offer you any suggestions on the hair decision since I know that whenever I stop coloring mine I'm going to have to just shave it all off and start from scratch since I'll never have the patience to let my roots grow out.

      Also, BRAG AWAY! I 100% encourage such things.

      • meat_lord says:

        To be fair, it is a great top. My mom bought it in the 90s, but never wore it. She gave it to me (with the tags still!) on a couple years ago, by which time it had come back into style.

  4. Lee Thomson says:

    Long story:

    Long ago, when the world was young… actually in 1981 when we were mostly still grad students, I had a minor meltdown the weekend before (US) Thanksgiving, because I didn't want to leave THESE people to back to the home and family people. So Mr Crow's housemate and I organized what we called PreThanksgiving. We had maybe 12 people, it was lovely, we got everything mostly right (cooking the turkey with the rubber sink stopper that got refrozen onto the bottom of it happened the second year) including trust in the potluck process (bring what you like) and delicious left overs. I think – I can't actually remember that long ago too clearly.

    We celebrated PreThanksgiving 2017 yesterday, and none of us wanted to do the math for which anniversary it was. I pointed out it was a close to a longitudinal study as we'd any of us get into. Many of the second generation were present, including some of the astonishingly large crop of 1988, and handful of the younger Crow's college friends I had wedged into my tiny car for transit across town.

    The trick to having something as long term as this turns out to be simple. Just keep going. There was one year we had six people. There was at least one year when fifty people came through the house. It has moved from one end of the state to the other. We've relied on the kindness of patient friends for FAR too long, tried to rotate the hosting through a longer or shorter roster of households… All the plans change after a couple years, and we pick up some new people, and lose a few to moving or weirdness or bad behavior. But then again, this year friends who'd been gone for 20 years came back! It was WONDERFUL!!!

    So this is a short addenda to Manka's time passing series, because sometimes a celebration is just habit, and that's ok too.

    • Rillquiet says:

      A couple of my buddies do a pre-Thanksgiving training event called "Stretch Your Stomach"–they make lasagna, and anyone who shows up can bring test-runs of holiday recipes or anything else they want to share. It too has ranged from tiny intimate gathering of single folks to massive intergenerational mobscene, with people cycling in and out as time and geography permit. I'm very conservative about Thanksgiving itself but love having flexible celebrations around it.

    • Flitworth says:

      Lovely! My college friends (and extensions of spouses, kids, childhood friends) do this for passover seder. In recent years there has been a split built on the fact that a sub-set of the larger group are functionally in the same place they were almost 20 yrs ago and everyone else has matured. Kids/mortgages became dividing lines for some of our established gatherings.

    • CleverManka says:

      This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us. <3

    • Fancy_Pants says:

      I am WAY too late to this thread, but I have to say that this is amazing, and I want this in my life. I guess I just have to DO it!

  5. Kazoogrrl says:

    I love your outfit, it looks comfy, warm, and definitely has a touch of post-apocalyptic-orphan about it.

    I may try taking pictures of some of my outfits. Most of them are very boring and functional, or don't photograph well, but sometimes it all comes together.

  6. vladazhael says:

    I missed this yesterday because it was a chaotic day of trying to get my manfriend's poor old car to a state of "fixed" where it will not murder him. Your outfit is magnificent as witchy as fuck.

    I started out yesterday with a policy of putting on real clothes to work from home, but this morning I figured if I could put on jeans and winter gear to go for a 6am dog walk and then come back and put on yoga pants to stretch and do PT exercises, I'm well within my rights to leave the yoga pants on as long as I please.

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