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This week’s Tumblr collection is Tuesday, November 21: The 80s.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.

8 Responses to “Tuesday Tumblr Collection”

  1. Rillquiet says:

    (Updated link, in case anyone else is getting the birds link.)

    • redheadfae says:

      I loved the birds link, too. Soooo cute! Kinda the polar opposite of the crows and blue jays I'm currently feeding, lol.

  2. redheadfae says:

    Yep, I need a cassette tape wallet.

    • Heathered says:

      We made them at the library last year! And while I was delighted to get a Pat Benatar tape to work with, mine did not come out as nicely as those pictured. Hot glue is an art.

  3. Kazoogrrl says:

    Oh damn, the Adam Ant gif is gold.

    Also, I met Lynda Carter once, at a salon in Rockville, MD. It was the 90s, not the 80s, though.

  4. Heathered says:

    Nice memory of my parents teasing me by singing "Prince Chow Mein" as punishment for all the mornings I woke them up with Adam Ant while getting ready for school.

  5. Xolandra says:

    Good grief, so many of those are so viscerally related to my childhood. Funfact: I went as Cyndi for Hallowe'en two years ago, and was pleased AF to discover that the only thing I needed to procure to pull that outfit off was some orange hair. My childhood self is _pleased_.

    Annie Lennox was my childhood hero, too. And although I only found out about Nina Hagen as an adult, she, too, is #lifegoals. We almost got to see her a couple of summers ago, but the promoter effed everything up (like, did not book the venue levels of effed) and then got ill so she cancelled. BUT. If you want to see what she was up to in the mid 1980s, this might just be one of my favourite songs of all time:

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