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GQ’s profile of Gal Gadot.

Gadot grew up in the water—gal is the Hebrew word for “wave”—and after an hour of talking on the beach, she suggests we go for a swim. A few moments later, there is Gal Gadot, in black couture leather-flower Gottex, floating in the lapis-blue Mediterranean, eyes closed, with her face turned up to the dazzling noon sun, and also, uh, me. She chose this floating spot scrupulously, picking her way around underwater rocks until there was only soft sand beneath her feet. Little fish flick silently around her body. “Tell me what you like to eat,” she purrs, breaking the calm quiet of passing swells. Then she springs her observation trap: “BECAUSE I NOTICE YOU DID NOT EAT THE EGG SANDWICH THAT I BROUGHT YOU.”

I am dumbstruck. I have been pretending, I thought convincingly, to eat the egg sandwich since we unfurled our towels.

Prehistoric women and their guns.

The Neolithic women analysed in the study (living around 7,000 years ago) had similar leg bone strength to living women but their arm bones were 11-16% stronger for their size than the rowers. The arms of Bronze Age women were stronger still.

The scientists think that prehistoric women may have used stones to grind grains such as spelt and wheat into flour, which would have loaded women’s arm bones in a similar way to the back-and-forth motion of rowing.

Taking craftism in a different direction.

BBC video (autoload video): In Malawi, a ring inserted in the vagina is helping women defend themselves against the spread of HIV – even when their partner refuses to wear a condom.

What #MeToo means in Classics.

My experiences with gender-based discrimination and harassment began the first time I told a professor that I wanted to make classics my career: when I proudly relayed my plans to earn a Ph.D. to my undergraduate adviser, his response was to advise me to get a master’s degree and teach high school Latin instead. At the same meeting, he advised my then-boyfriend, who was also a classics major, that he was the one more suited to Ph.D. study.

Even the rats in New York City are diverse.

If you haven’t yet purchased your holiday cards, here’s a lovely suggestion. They’re not cheap but they’re fantastic.

An acne pimple patch that comes highly recommended by Sophie on Two Bossy Dames.

Reading about sex work from a different angle.

In her new book The Boss, the second novel from her “Justice Hustlers” series, author Aya de León ventures away from these tired tropes to explore sex work with the exceedingly rare qualities of nuance and depth. These Set It Off meets Ocean’s 11 books are about a multicultural group of former sex workers who run a New York clinic for women, funding their operations by breaking into the safes of wealthy men who exploit women and girls. Their Robin Hood method is illegal — and I don’t personally condone it — but during these hostile times, there’s also something distinctly refreshing about the storyline. How often do we get to read about the oppressed retaliating against their oppressors?

Anna Armstrong remembers how a 1985 R.E.M. concert changed the life of her and her brother.

Allison Benedikt, Lorin Stein, and the perils of extracting universal principles from fairy tale endings

It is not unreasonable to demand that men in workplaces act as if the year were 2017 and not 2003. At the same time, nobody is retrospectively prosecuting a man for acting as if it were 2003 in 2003. Nobody is hauling John Cook into the sex-crimes dock or putting Benedikt on trial for crimes against feminism. Nobody is suggesting that she thinks Stein’s behavior is okay, or that that the beginning of a loving marriage is the same thing as sexual harassment. But in writing her essay, in attempting to draw some universal principles from her specific experiences, Benedikt makes bad arguments with real-world consequences—of the kind that have kept the long-swirling rumors from Stein’s door until now.

A very nice visual guide for various helpful hand-stitches.

Raising a Teenage Daughter, with interspersed commentary by the teenage daughter of the author.

The Burgomaster is currently watching Luke Cage (literally, at this moment, while I’m sitting on the couch putting together the Dump) and sent me this link about all the live musicians who appear on the show.

Asexuality resources:

Avoiding the white savior story as a white person.

It feels good to help people.

It feels wonderful to come up with an idea that will help people.

It feels amazing to get recognition for such ideas.

All of these are valid responses and motivators for placing people and planet alongside our profit-making ventures.

But sometimes our desire to feel good about rolling up our sleeves and “getting involved” can interfere with the social mission we’re on. If our lived experience has not been directly impacted by a social issue like inequality, just because we want to tell a great story doesn’t mean it’s our story to tell.

Eighteen science facts we didn’t know at the beginning of 2016.

The social status of listeners influences us to alter our voices. In what will come as a surprise to nobody, I intentionally lower my voice when talking to people (who think they are) of a superior status to me.

32 Responses to “Thursday Link Dump”

  1. meat_lord says:

    Oh my god. That Gal Godot interview is exceedingly homoerotic and I'm so happy. Also, that hand-sewing tutorial is well-timed! I knew several of those techniques already, but not the last two, which look really handy.

    ETA: That article about how fuckin' RIPPED Neolithic women were makes my heart sing with joy. I've come to understand that physical strength isn't the end-all be-all, but boy, it sure makes teenage meat_lord feel better to know that there's proof of BUFF LADIES out there.

  2. Doc_Paradise says:


    I'm locked out of the mid-week post (as of the middle of yesterday afternoon) with this message instead of the webpage:

    Not Acceptable!

    An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

    Has anybody had this happen to them? What did you do to fix it?

  3. Rillquiet says:

    The card link goes to the Atlantic article about rats for me, which is delightful but probably not what was intended. Although I could be wrong! (My friends aren't very holiday-reverent, but even they've got lines, and I suspect festive East Side rats would be one.)

  4. vladazhael says:

    Ordered some of those acne patches, because I am still young enough to get pimples on the regular but also old enough that it takes for-fucking-ever for them to heal. Will report back once I've tried them.

    Also thank you for the article on the music of Luke Cage. I remember getting very excited when I noticed Rafael Saadiq in an early scene, but then I lazily never went back and researched more of what is clearly a musically astute show.

    • Xolandra says:

      The music in that show!!!! So amazingly good. They released a pricey double vinyl and I was tempted, but also convinced I could do better (i.e. source the artists). I forgot, tho, because I watched it in surgery recovery and was really high a lot of the time.

  5. ru_ri says:

    Now I have ALL THE TABS open and I am powering through work with this as motivation! Thank you for an absolutely delicious roundup (from Gal on…)!

  6. littleinfinity says:

    This piece by Rebecca Traister is so fucking spot-on about what we talk about when we talk about sexual harassment. This Moment Isn't (Just) About Sex

  7. ru_ri says:

    From the #metoo in Classics article:
    As the now-daily outpouring of disclosures makes clear, the fields that offer a fertile ground for this sort of sexual harassment and abuse are all linked by a few common denominators. They are fields that have long been dominated by men (Hollywood, media, comedy, fashion), they are fiercely competitive, and their routes to advancement often go through a few powerful individuals, meaning that anyone who says no to an abuser is right to fear blacklisting and other reprisals. Likewise, in most of these fields, these powerful individuals wear a façade of liberalism, and sometimes even feminism, which they can wield as a badge to shut down any complaints against them.

    This description also applies to martial arts, particularly "softer" ones like Aikido and Tai Chi, and HOLY FUCK is it making my blood boil right now. So. Many. Stories.

  8. littleinfinity says:

    The holiday card link redirects to the same article about rat DNA, fyi? Unless you are suggesting that we send diverse rats for the holidays, which sounds delightfully avant-garde but possibly impractical 🙂

  9. Kazoogrrl says:

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but my avatar is that card, it went around the Hannibal crowd last year and I had to buy it as fast as possible. It's permanently installed on my mantle.

  10. Doc_Paradise says:

    I glanced at the original paper for the voice pitch article… all of the interviewers they used were male appearing and there were only 45 participants (interviewees) of mixed gender. That's not much to generalize to all of humanity and I wonder what would have happened if the neutral/dominant/prestige interviewers were not men.

  11. Kazoogrrl says:

    It took me until the last paragraph of the REM article to realize who the author was writing about. I loved it.

  12. Absotively says:

    For the acne patches: I saw a recommendation for these a couple years ago, but I couldn't find them anywhere, so I bought hydrocolloid blister bandages and cut them into little squares. They're not quite as invisible, but they're close, and I would recommend them if you also can't find the dots. They work really well on zits that I've popped, but they don't seem to do as much good on zits that I've managed to resist picking at. Also, in my experience, when they've made a zit appear to go away, it still might come back in reduced form a few hours after I take the hydrocolloid off.

    I will have to see if Forever 21 carries the dots in Canada, they do look better.

  13. vladazhael says:

    A happy thing: presents for critters!

  14. Räven says:

    I have to say an egg sandwich is a thing of horror – I don't even know what I'd do if someone handed me one. INTERVIEW AWKWARDNESS.

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