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I find them so aesthetically pleasing.

This week’s Tumblr collection is Tuesday, January 23: Ouija Boards.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.

15 Responses to “Tuesday Tumblr Collection”

  1. Heathered says:

    Running errands today and now adding "look for a witch or vegan" to my list.

  2. vladazhael says:

    I find them aesthetically pleasing as well, but I have just enough supernatural paranoia that I absolutely will not touch them. I might try a quiche board, though.

    • Absotively says:

      Pro tip: vegans are not a good source for traditional quiche boards.

    • jenavira says:

      SAME. I mean, why tempt spirits in a context where you have no control over them? (Likewise I have never done Bloody Mary nor stayed in a room where it was being done. Probably it's nonsense, but why tempt fate?)

      But I love those cross stitch boards so much that I'm gonna have to make one. Or two. Or ten.

    • CleverManka says:

      Glad to know I'm not alone in thinking they're pretty but having zero interest in using one. I used it with a roommate once, who also did automatic writing, and tbh it was a very disappointing experience. They're just…so pretty. I would totally hang one on my wall.

  3. Xolandra says:

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo. Maybe going as a ouiji board for Halowe'en 2019 (2018 will be who I didn't get to be for 2017). I figure I should start practicing my makeup skills now, tho, if I really want that look. WHICH I DO

  4. Kazoogrrl says:

    I think they are gorgeous, and I LOVE that stained glass planchette.

    Ouija boards originated in Baltimore, check out the grave of the man who patented the planchette (no I have not been to see it, yet). Today is the 171st anniversary of his birth! https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/elijah-bond-s

  5. Onymous says:

    Smacking the left suggestion on autocorrect is definitely the new ouji board right?

    So much as well and we will see how I can get my money you can make a decision about a month and a woman that I can think I have the rocks in a bit and get a few more than me but is it ok to bring the car in the driveway when you are done.

  6. Onymous says:

    Ursula k le guin has died.

  7. damngoodcoffee says:

    1. The cup & saucer is wonderful
    2. The subway sign makes me want to know that story
    3. I own a few very tiny (like 1"x2") ouija boards with tiny planchettes that I keep in a little bowl on my bookshelf, but I have not used an actual ouija board in many years, mostly for reasons mentioned in the above comments (and the movie Paranormal Activity). However, I LOVED playing with them (and Bloody Mary) at sleepovers as a kid.

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