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This week’s Tumblr collection is Tuesday, February 13: Tea.

clevermankaI’ve posted a weekly themed collection on my Tumblr nearly every week since October, 2011. Someday I’ll compile a list of them, with links to the dates. That day is not today.

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  1. jenavira says:

    This is so intensely soothing, I love it.

    (Also I Require that snail tea cozy and I have just the right blue yarn for it.)

  2. vladazhael says:

    I loooooooove the snail teapot cozies. All the snails look like they're saying "ooooooooooo" like the Sesame Street Martians.

  3. Rillquiet says:

    For anyone who's ever wondered how samovars work, here's an excellent reference that explains not just how they operate but also what the deal is with Russian tea. Russians do not believe in serving tea unaccompanied; food is a given if someone invites you to drink a cup with them, and it can be considerably more than a sandwich and a scone.

    In my childhood, my grandparents would serve a huge multi-course dinner, wash the dishes, and immediately begin setting out cold cuts, bread, fruit, preserves, pastries, and a dish or two of candy to go with the post-supper tea. Chat and argument would go on late into the night, with everyone filling in the corners hobbit-style as the conversation waxed and waned.

    • vladazhael says:

      Two years of high school Russian language classes are why I can't stand when people say "chai tea". Chai IS tea.

      • dirtymagpie says:

        Yes! It's like "tuna fish".

      • Xolandra says:

        Also in Hindi and in Turkish! And it turns out that the "cha" part of genmaichai (brown rice green tea) is the bit that tells you it is tea! Chai = tea. It just _is_, y'all. O WUT is there extensive research into this? Yes _of course there is_, linguists love this kind of thing: https://qz.com/1176962/map-how-the-word-tea-sprea

        Also I have highly desired a samovar for many, many, many years now. Electric kettle is just not the same thing.

        • Rillquiet says:

          Most of the branches of my family on that side own samovars, but I've seen them used maybe twice; a kettle on the range is much more common. But the principle remains the same: Make a teapot of very strong tea, pour some of it in a teacup or glass, and then fill up the cup with hot water.

    • CleverManka says:

      my grandparents would serve a huge multi-course dinner, wash the dishes, and immediately begin setting out cold cuts, bread, fruit, preserves, pastries, and a dish or two of candy to go with the post-supper tea.
      Wow, these sound like they'd be My People. Mmmmmmmmm….

      • Rillquiet says:

        Family lore is that Momquiet, who is of non-Slavic derivation, had exactly that thought the first time she watched a second meal appear. Any fears that the skinny little critter Dadquiet had brought to meet the family might be fussy about her meals were quickly dismissed.

  4. RoseCamelia says:

    Those snails! They remind me of the pair of eyes Lee has hanging about for idle play when sitting at her table.

  5. Xolandra says:

    Also adding to the "those snails!" chorus!!! I'm also all about those teabags, they fit nicely into the "ephemeral art" category that is so close to my heart ^_^

  6. dirtymagpie says:

    Tea cozies! And that "may your tea be always the way you like it".. aww, that reminds me so much of Mum. Her scale for a good place to eat is whether or not they knew how to serve tea. The number of times she would ask the server, "please heat this up in the microwave?" .. heh.

    • CleverManka says:

      Wow, that tea MUST have been bad…microwaved water is THE WORST.

      • dirtymagpie says:

        It's just that so many places make it with a coffee pot full of water that sits on the coffee machine "warmer" and it's never anywhere near boiling. Then to add insult, they bring a little pot of this lukewarm water and a separate tea bag. The only option is for them to microwave it because I've yet to see a restaurant with an electric kettle. The good places have a true hot (very!) water spigot on the coffee machine, and put the damned tea bag in the cup, then fill it from the spigot.
        Okay that got lengthier than I intended. 🙂

        • CleverManka says:

          UGH. God, even Wayne & Larry's (the burger place joined with the bowling alley on Iowa) has a hot water spigot!

          • dirtymagpie says:

            I know, whoda thunk a bar and grill would do better than some eateries, right?
            I kind of like W&L, mostly because we can purchase Groupons for them regularly and that makes it a cheap meal for both of us.

          • CleverManka says:

            TBH I think they have better burgers than Burger Stand. The salads are terrible but god the burgers they put on top of them make up for it (and I just bring my own dressing).

          • dirtymagpie says:

            Oh yes, I've had some really yucky lettuce there, but other food is great. I've found that I prefer several places to the Burger Stand. I mean, they're good, but so pricey and if I can get one just as good for less.. well, I'm there. I haven't tried the burger at the new BarN Grill (the old Yacht Club) yet, but Biggs, Johnny's West and Stonewall are so good.

  7. dirtymagpie says:

    And to all of you, Happy Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, or Mardi Gras!

    <img src="https://i.pinimg.com/736x/2f/44/2e/2f442e322b4966fbbdd6d33587e9f7bf–mardi-gra-cats-in-clothes.jpg"&gt;

  8. ru_ri says:

    This is lovely (she says as she finishes the last of a pot of tea).

    Afternoon Tea (usually with cookies, not a big meal) has been a lifelong tradition in my family. My maternal grandmother was from Glasgow, and my dad's parents raised him in India, so it was entrenched on both sides. Very particular rituals have evolved around the Making of the Tea, and between all of us (parents, sister, me) we probably have 20 teapots of various types and sizes.

    Long ago I made my mom a little sign for her kitchen that said
    She has kept it throughout all the moves and it still holds pride of place above her stove. I'll see if I can snap a photo next time I visit.

    • Rillquiet says:

      Do grab a picture! I keep meaning to make a cross-stitch of WEAK TEA, WEAK MIND, so I'm here for other tea-related aphorisms.

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