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Once upon a time, I made a friend. Read full post

What’s New?

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Toxic Masculinity Mushroom

In a year where so much has burned to cinders it’s strange to even say “the grass is always greener,” but that tendency to look for the newly green has been on my mind of late. A few situations stacked up on one another and pointed out a pattern in my thinking that feels like something one would outgrow in adolescence. I’m prone to get really hung up on whatever is new to me and think it’s somehow going to be the solution to a vast range of problems, and then end up disappointed and sad. It shouldn’t be surprising, because when has such a thing ever happened? (Maybe if I fell in love with penicillin when it was new, but not so much with people, jobs, diets, or religions.) Yet here I am again, reveling in the dirt over the septic tank. Read full post

Travel Series: Manka goes to Italy

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Here’s the two of us in Venice. I loved that hairstyle but there’s no way to get away with even a modified Chelsea Cut in The Current Age.

The Burgomaster and I went to Italy in the summer of 2007. This was my second trip to Italy, his first. I’m not a fan of travel. I’m a homebody, especially these days, but the trip was made immeasurably easier by 1) my parents footing most of the bill, and 2) a family friend who is Italian and lives in Milan–Sabina, a foreign exchange student who stayed with us my junior year of high school. She helped get us around Milan and our excursions to Lake Como and her husband made most of our arrangements for the Venice trip–bless them both.

When I got back from the trip, I put together a travelogue of sorts on Flickr which is now extremely difficult to navigate thanks to the new format. Because of Life, I only posted the first four days, so the last bit of our trip with Lake Como and surrounding areas isn’t documented with photos. Ten years later, I think it’s safe to say they never will be. Ah well, here are some of my favorite photos and entries that did get posted. Read full post

Passing Time: Yule

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Please pardon me for using an image from the website coachellavalley.com but it was just so pretty

Welcome to the eighth and final article in our rituals series. I went with the modern pagan wheel of the year calendar because several of us are familiar with it and it evenly breaks up the twelve months into manageable chunks of time. There will a mix of spiritual and secular practices and observations for each holiday–I can’t promise ahead of time if any will be weighted more one way or the other, but I’ll do my best to include something for everyone. I’ll post these the Wednesday before the holiday date. Thank you to the contributors! You are invaluable. Read full post

Travel Series: Fancy_Pants in Chile and Argentina

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Sailing West to the Undying Lands (leaving Torres del Paine park on a boat after our hike)

Start by giving us a brief background on your trip. Where did you go? For how long? With whom? And what was the main purpose of your trip?

I spent three weeks in Chile and Argentina, two of which were with my wonderful friend & longtime travel buddy, and one week was solo. I flew into and out of Santiago, Chile, but spent most of my time in Patagonia and the Lakes District region (south and near the Chile/Argentina border). The purpose of this trip was, as I stated when crossing borders, “leisure”, but more specifically to see a new part of the world and go hiking in beautiful places. Read full post

Have Fun in Your Life

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Thunder Dolphin roller coaster in Tokyo.

27 November 2017

Today I got on the early morning train to Shinjuku in order to make it to the 6:30 Aikido class. Even at 5:37 a.m. it was standing room only on the Odakyu line, and I ended up in front of an old party who was quietly snoring away on the heated seat, his head bowed so that the large yellow letters on his pink baseball cap were clearly visible: HAVE FUN IN YOUR LIFE. It felt like a message from beyond. OK, I thought to myself, I’ll try to have fun in my life. Read full post

A short piece on a favorite SFF writer

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Author Alice Sheldon, pictured in 1939.

“Alice Sheldon shall appeal to the masses in the year 2017.” (Roberto Bolaño, Amulet) Read full post