Travel Series: Manka goes to Italy

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Here’s the two of us in Venice. I loved that hairstyle but there’s no way to get away with even a modified Chelsea Cut in The Current Age.

The Burgomaster and I went to Italy in the summer of 2007. This was my second trip to Italy, his first. I’m not a fan of travel. I’m a homebody, especially these days, but the trip was made immeasurably easier by 1) my parents footing most of the bill, and 2) a family friend who is Italian and lives in Milan–Sabina, a foreign exchange student who stayed with us my junior year of high school. She helped get us around Milan and our excursions to Lake Como and her husband made most of our arrangements for the Venice trip–bless them both.

When I got back from the trip, I put together a travelogue of sorts on Flickr which is now extremely difficult to navigate thanks to the new format. Because of Life, I only posted the first four days, so the last bit of our trip with Lake Como and surrounding areas isn’t documented with photos. Ten years later, I think it’s safe to say they never will be. Ah well, here are some of my favorite photos and entries that did get posted. Read full post

Monday post of whatever you want to do with it

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Hello, beloveds. Amy is still having a rough time, so no history lesson this week. I had hoped to type up something for today but I didn’t even manage to get my winter clothes out this weekend–hopefully the temps won’t drop too much more before I make a second attempt at switching wardrobes. I wasn’t even up to doing laundry (which might become a problem exciting opportunity of wardrobe choices mid-week). Read full post


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Wesley Clark Jr., middle, and other veterans kneel in front of Leonard Crow Dog during a forgiveness ceremony at the Four Prairie Knights Casino & Resort on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Monday. (Josh Morgan for The Huffington Post )

Apologies in our culture are fraught and frequently ineffectual. Most of the apologies we hear aren’t actually apologies–they’re a list of reasons or excuses, or they attempt to push responsibility onto the injured party–what I call Fauxpologies. Read full post

Finding my shovel and digging in

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So. Best Lives! How’s everyone doing with that? Yeah. Me, too. Read full post

Slow, if not steady

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I wrote this and chose the gif before the U.S. elections. When I have the energy and ability, I’ll write the more metaphysical followup that must necessarily follow.

I’m not what anyone would call quick to action in general, but once I make up my mind to do something, I like to get a move on. I knew changing my life would be scary, difficult, and stressful. I didn’t realize it would take so long. Read full post

Manka’s Pancakes

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Amy wasn’t up to writing a TWIFH post, so ya’ll get Home Ec this week instead of History class.

I developed this recipe largely based on this recipe from Against All Grain. I’ve tweaked it enough that I feel like I can call it mine at this point, but I was heavily dependent on that recipe to start me on the right track. My recipe uses more bananas and more eggs and (unfortunately for people making it for the first time) is based on a mix that I have pre-made in a large container in my pantry. I don’t know how to alter this recipe for a single batch. Sorry. Read full post

Yoga With a Capital Y

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I thought I would let people know that in my search for images to use for the top of this article I came across this pic which is borderline NSFW (barely-not-naked man doing lotus pose) but you totally need to see because wow that’s fucking impressive.

Gopi was my first and best yoga teacher. It was an unlikely thing, when I was first looking at yoga, to choose her out of all the teachers in the Lawrence area. For one, her studio was in a different town, about half an hour south of Lawrence (that’s a long drive when there’s probably two yoga teachers for every square mile of this burg). I could probably have found a class close enough to walk to, but I picked the one whose route included not only a two-lane, unlit country highway but a quarter mile of gravel road and, finally, a one-lane dirt driveway that curved and turned around several buildings (as well as cows, cats, and peacocks). In addition to the drive, there was serious dedication to chanting at the open and close each class—not just your basic “om.” While we were in a pose, Gopi often read scripture, passages from Light On Yoga, or stories about the divine creatures, sages, and objects that gave their names to poses. This was Yoga with a capital-fucking-Y. Read full post