How can I submit?

If you are interested in writing a guest post for, drop me a line ( I would love to see your ideas! I apologize for not being able to reliably pay for guest posts–I understand working for free is not cool, but I’m not running the site as a for-profit (yet?). However, if you’re new to blogging or personal essays and you want to dip your writing toes in a tiny corner of the internet, this could be a good match for both of us! Please understand I might not be able to accept all submissions–declining your piece isn’t a personal rejection unless you’re an asshole in which case, yeah, it’s totally personal.

Because this isn’t a professional blog (yet?) I’m keeping copyright and ownership pretty casual for now.

Contact me if you want clarification about rights to your piece before you submit it.

When putting your essay/article together, please take an angle that ties in with living well for you–what makes you feel happy and rewarded in your own life. Whether that’s in the Past (if you’ve figured out how to live your best life already, CONGRATULATIONS I definitely want to hear from you), Present (you’re in good company even though I don’t have a clue what I’m doing so let’s do this together), or Future (we’ve all been there and thinking about it is the only way to start). There are too many happy-fluffy pieces about this sort of thing out there, so feel free to avoid that. Being positive about personal change does not require one to be a cheerful optimist (it really really doesn’t). Personal growth and emotional change sucks ass, people, and I want this to be a place where we can accept and explore that.

Swearing, Emphasis Caps, ALL CAPS, internet speak, and other personal text flairs are 100% welcome. So are gifs, obviously.

I suggest a 2,000 word limit. Less is probably better. If you have a longer piece, though, send it anyway! I might split it into two parts, though, and post it on consecutive Wednesdays (see What is this place? for the publishing schedule).

I will line-edit your piece because little typos are the wooooorst. If you have a purposeful misspelling in your essay, though, please make me aware of that! Since I’m (probably) mostly gonna be featuring new writers, I’m happy to help with basic critique and editing. If you send me something that has great ideas but problems with construction, I am willing to help. Just please let me know if you’re interested in assistance or not when you submit it. I don’t want to send correction suggestions to someone who isn’t up for that.
If/When I decide to accept your piece (either as is or resubmitted with revisions), please be prepared to send me a small icon (approx 100×100 pixels) and a short bio/description to use in your bio-byline at the bottom of the piece. These can be as serious or as lighthearted as you want and I absolutely don’t require an actual picture of you.
Thanks for your interest in submitting something for publication here! You’re helping to save me from the pressure of putting something of mine up Every Single Week. I really really really appreciate it.