Yoga With a Capital Y

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I thought I would let people know that in my search for images to use for the top of this article I came across this pic which is borderline NSFW (barely-not-naked man doing lotus pose) but you totally need to see because wow that’s fucking impressive.

Gopi was my first and best yoga teacher. It was an unlikely thing, when I was first looking at yoga, to choose her out of all the teachers in the Lawrence area. For one, her studio was in a different town, about half an hour south of Lawrence (that’s a long drive when there’s probably two yoga teachers for every square mile of this burg). I could probably have found a class close enough to walk to, but I picked the one whose route included not only a two-lane, unlit country highway but a quarter mile of gravel road and, finally, a one-lane dirt driveway that curved and turned around several buildings (as well as cows, cats, and peacocks). In addition to the drive, there was serious dedication to chanting at the open and close each class—not just your basic “om.” While we were in a pose, Gopi often read scripture, passages from Light On Yoga, or stories about the divine creatures, sages, and objects that gave their names to poses. This was Yoga with a capital-fucking-Y. Read full post

The Goal Post

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Bet you didn’t think you’d see a sports metaphor on this site, did you? Neither did I.

I’ve never been a person who much liked (or comprehended) goals, and most of the goals I have entertained have been food/weight related. Not always optimal or encouraging for positive growth, and I acknowledge the absurdity of never setting anything other than body-related goals. I don’t think I’m alone, but I also think most people are more familiar with goal-setting (whether that familiarity is healthy or not is another matter). I can’t even tell you why I never set goals. I simply continuously failed to do so. Instead, various options fell in front of me, and I chose whether to pursue the new path or not (or had the choice made for me). Read full post