Personal Growth vs. Old Demons

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I never understood why people said to enjoy high school, that they were the best years of my life. As a miserable teenager, this thought was not comforting. As a slightly happier 20-something, making my first real friends at University, I laughed at the people for whom that was true. As a 30-something “adult,” there are things about teenagehood that I miss. Sitting in my room undisturbed for hours on end, for example. Knowing that my laundry would be done for me. Never having to cook if I wanted to eat. But high school? The large machine through which we are squozen into our final acceptable-to-capitalism shape? That was awful. I remain deeply, deeply suspect of humans who are somehow convinced that being an awkward teen is The Pinnacle of Human Existence. Read full post

The Importance of Listening Even When You Don’t Know Your Body’s Language

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This summer, I thought I caught a cold. I was feeling off, and a cold seemed like a small, simple explanation.

I asked Google, who told me that the average cold lasts 7 to 10 days in the average adult.

As day 11 dawned, I realised I was wrong. It must be the summer flu. Of course. Here was a diagnosis that could fit around my symptoms like a blanket around shoulders. So comforting. Pass the blankets, hand me the Golden Girls omnibus.

But I was wrong. Read full post

Slow, if not steady

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I wrote this and chose the gif before the U.S. elections. When I have the energy and ability, I’ll write the more metaphysical followup that must necessarily follow.

I’m not what anyone would call quick to action in general, but once I make up my mind to do something, I like to get a move on. I knew changing my life would be scary, difficult, and stressful. I didn’t realize it would take so long. Read full post

The Turnip is Dead, Long Live the Turnip

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Author’s Note: The Turnip Sacrifice was scheduled for this past weekend, but it didn’t happen until Monday night due to rain, wind, and snow. All requests made, up to and including those made at the last minute on Monday night, were included.

And so it began, the solemn ritual sacrifice of the root vegetable… Read full post