Joy On and Off the Page

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This is a post I recently wrote to share with the group of eco-feminist rosary nerds I hang with online, for a day when we were praying the Joyful Mysteries. As you can see, things venture pretty far afield from the Bible. The biographical info here is scant to the point of oversimplification, but whaddayagonnado? I was in a hurry.

Can we talk about Betty Page for a minute? She had a complex, difficult life, but her work is still popular today. Pin-ups are weird things, straddling the lines of taste and propriety, but hers project more joy than sexual energy to me, and that’s interesting. Read full post

This is a Story of Moderate Weight Loss

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I come from a long line of people that value food.  Gatherings in my family always involved huge amounts of food, tables groaning under the weight of the effort of the matriarchs and their progeny.  Food was always offered when company came by, regardless of the hour of the day, how recent lunch may have been, or how close our guest was to consuming dinner. My mother likes to tell stories of her grandmother, who used to require that her grandchildren eat their fill, making eating motions and saying “Essen, essen,” hoping, I imagine, that her lovingly made food would bridge the linguistic gap between her mother tongue and her Anglo grandchildren. Food has always meant love in my family, and I have always desired huge amounts of both. Until very recently, my form has betrayed this desire. Read full post