Personal Growth vs. Old Demons

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I never understood why people said to enjoy high school, that they were the best years of my life. As a miserable teenager, this thought was not comforting. As a slightly happier 20-something, making my first real friends at University, I laughed at the people for whom that was true. As a 30-something “adult,” there are things about teenagehood that I miss. Sitting in my room undisturbed for hours on end, for example. Knowing that my laundry would be done for me. Never having to cook if I wanted to eat. But high school? The large machine through which we are squozen into our final acceptable-to-capitalism shape? That was awful. I remain deeply, deeply suspect of humans who are somehow convinced that being an awkward teen is The Pinnacle of Human Existence. Read full post

Finding My Place(s) in the World

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Darkhid Valley in Mongolia, where the author stayed with a nomad family

Darkhid Valley in Mongolia, where the author stayed with a nomad family

Travel and experiencing the world is a priority for some people—would you say you’re one of those people?
Definitely I am one of those people. I have tried to settle down and found it impossible. The longest I’ve ever lived anywhere was seven years (in Japan) but at one point in my life I was moving every year or so. I’ve traveled pretty extensively within the US and now a fair amount outside it, and I’m always ready for more. Read full post

Why the Italian Waiter Made Me Cry: Confessions of a Reluctant Celibate

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The author with Italian Waiter (left) and his son (we thought? on the right). Editor’s note: I think everyone who was working this restaurant was related and they were all this beautiful.

It was a gorgeous early evening in San Diego. I suppose most early evenings are gorgeous in San Diego but as I am from the Midwest, it was a particularly luxurious experience for the sky to be so blue, the clouds to be so white, the air to be so fragrant, the breeze to be so delicious on my skin. This is how I experience the world. Sensorially. Sensually. Sexually. Read full post

The Next Generation

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This article has nothing to do with the website theme, but the spirit called me to write it. It’s my website. I can do what I want.

Friday afternoon I answered the doorbell to three pre-teen girls who were “looking to do some good deeds” and could they achieve that by mowing my lawn for “five or ten dollars.” Read full post