If you’re fatigued, raise your hand (or just think about it because you’re too tired to move)

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Tina Belcher lying on floor

This is not a terribly inspirational post. Channel your inner Tina to get through it.

I have chronic fatigue.

It took years to come to grips with that little sentence (boy did I fight my doctor on it—not that admitting it mattered when it came to actual treatment because modern western medicine is shit for dealing with stuff like this). It’s something I still struggle to accept—not because I think it’s a personal failing, but because of the limitations. Fatigue is a constant presence in my body and in my brain. It’s not something that comes and goes. Even on days I feel energetic and motivated (especially on days I feel energetic and motivated), I have to remember my fatigue and make accommodations for it. Like an old injury that you forget about until you reach for a casserole pan and your back reminds you about that deadlifting accident and you’re stuck having someone else get stuff out of low cabinets for the next week (not that I would know anything about that), my fatigue demands constant attention. Read full post