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I love talking in gifs and I don’t have any desire to corner the market on that communication method. Some of the gifs I use I find in the moment as the occasion calls for it, but my favorites (the ones I use the most, or the ones I especially love) can be found in my LiveJournal photo scrapbook. The journal itself is locked up (and not much happens on it since I started this website), but the gifs are there for anyone and everyone. I am embarrassingly low on gifs of people of color (ugh our media is the worst and I am complicit), so if you have one that you’d like to add to the collection, please include it in a comment, below.

If you want to use a reaction gif in a comment but don’t know how, have a quick tutorial on how to use the img tag to embed an image.

Other gif resources (some of which are no longer active, but their libraries are still open):

Fuck Yeah Reaction gifs


Holy Grail of gifs

Heck Yeah Reaction Gifs

Your Reaction Gifs

The Reaction Gifs

How I Reacted

Those are all Tumblrs becauseĀ I hate the layout of but check it out for yourself if you like.

Have fun!

3 Responses to “The GIF shop”

  1. Have you created those gifs by your self?

  2. redheadfae says:

    Look for Cookie Lyon or Empire (tv show) on giphy for some great ones of Taraji Henson.
    I LOVE that series and her character, a woman who has seen the worst and is running things, sharp-tongued and takes no BS.

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